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Varsity Lecturer Celebrates His 10,000th Quiz By Giving Students Quiz In Their ‘Dream’

“We will make history tonight. We will meet together in the dream classroom. To achieve this we have to start transiting together. You all have to be seated by in the dream world classroom so we can conclude before 2am. Before you sleep make sure the textbook or notebook is on your head, chest or any part of your body. Just make sure your body is making contact with the textbook or notebook. Choose a position before the transition and have someone else take a photo of you at exactly 11.45pm when you must have been fast asleep, to record the beginning of this historic quiz. The last thing you should say before you sleep is “Tengo una prueba seria esta noche” which is the Spanish translation for “I have a serious quiz this night”. Keep saying it slowly until you drift into the classroom in your dream where I’ll waiting to see you.”

These were the last words of instruction from the lecturer to his students before attempting what he tagged “the dream quiz”. It was his quiz number 10,000 (ten thousand) in 15 years as a lecturer.

The story sounds strange but it happened in one of the state Universities in the South East where a lecturer, wearing gray hair for the special celebration, met with about 120 students of a particular class in their dream for his 10,000th quiz.

Massmediang gathered that a lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication of that University known for giving countless quizzes had been keeping record of the number of quizzes he had given. The lecturer who had spent 15 years in the department, always gives quiz in every class he teaches.  When the quizzes got to 9,999, he decided to celebrate the 10,000th quiz in a special way – by giving his students quiz together in their dream.

It was further gathered that in the morning after the quiz, the lecturer and the students met in class during his lecture and agreed not to disclose what transpired during the dream quiz to anyone that was not in the dream class for the quiz. About 120 students were involved in the dream quiz project.

According to the lecturer, “This is a historic attempt to take communication to another level. It was real. We know what we saw. We don’t want to trivialize it so we will not be discussing it with anybody for a while. That’s what ground-breaking academic adventure is all about. The students were very impressive. They followed instructions and showed utmost commitment to the academic adventure.”

Speaking further to massmediang in an explosive interview, the lecturer said, “people might be doubting the fact that I have given up to 10,000 quizzes in my 15 years as a lecturer. Well, unfortunately for doubters the only people you can confirm from are my students and they do not even know the number of quizzes they did in my classes throughout their stay in school. No one can keep count of the number of quizzes I give because they come upon you like a flood.

“I became a quizterpreneur 15 years ago shortly after I went into this lecturing profession. Once I start teaching your class you don’t leave the same at the end of the semester because you get positively ‘brutalized’ with uncountable indoor and outdoor quizzes which I mark and return to class for the students to see. The quizzes come in different forms. In addition to the normal classroom quiz given after every lecture, we also have other forms of stray quizzes such as sudden quiz, phone quiz, skype quiz, google quiz, ambush quiz, TQT (Tomorrow’s Quiz Today), whatsapp classroom quiz, online classroom quiz (on my blog), madness quiz, God Forbid quiz, two-in-one quiz and exam before exam (which is the final quiz that marks the official end of my lectures).

“These series of quizzes make my lectures fun and keep my experiences with students evergreen in their minds long after they graduate. So you see, no one can keep count of how many quizzes done in one semester because in one lecture we could do between two to four quizzes. That way you don’t sleep in my class. As you look at me you see quiz. At a point I gave so much quizzes that the shape of my skull even began to look like a question mark; because I was asking too many questions. That was when I decided to stop barbing my hair and start wearing afro hair style.

“I give an average of 582 quizzes per session across various programmes – regular undergraduate programme, part-time undergraduate programme, PGD, M. Sc. and Ph.D progammes. I taught in Imo State University some years ago as a part-time lecturer, then as an adjunct lecturer. I did not teach their regular undergraduate students. I only taught in the Weekend programme which had five classes, then the PGD, M.Sc. and Ph.D programmes. I was in that school for about six years where I gave a total of 1,276 quizzes across various programmes. I have spent 15 years in my present school and on the average I gave 582 quizzes per session within this period. I only gave the average because the number varied when we had less programmes in the early days of the department, and when we had more programmes, including online classroom for my students. Ask students I taught in these two schools you will never get any accurate figure from them because it is actually difficult for anyone to keep count of the number of quizzes done. This is primarily due to the way the quizzes flow in different times, directions, locations, ‘shapes and sizes’. Unfortunately I am the only one that can give you an exact figure. So keep it at 10,000 which I told you. I decided to celebrate the 10,000th quiz in a different way, which brought about the historic dream quiz.

“As a quizterpreneur I use quizzes to achieve things beyond continuous assessment. I move into the blood stream of my students through several quizzes. That is why after teaching you I end up everywhere you go. Several years after you graduate from my class you don’t only remember me but I am ever fresh in your memory. You almost remember every detail of my encounters with your class because I am in your blood stream. The only way to forget me is total blood transfusion which you wouldn’t think of.  You can ask any of my ex-students to confirm these assertions. What I achieve with the students I achieve from the inside, not from the outside. The way they understand my lectures, attend my classes, carry out practicals perfectly well, even run to class in order not to be late, all these are achieved from the inside. Sometimes a lot of them wonder why they are always apprehensive whenever it has to do with my lecture to the extent of experiencing fear. What they don’t know is that by then I had moved into their blood stream and control from their emotions, receptive patterns and actions from the inside. I move in via several quizzes. People take my quiz from everywhere, any spot, anytime of the day. You can ask those who have passed through my classes these questions. So when I celebrate my 10,000th quiz, it is something serious. Okay check this out: the departmental uniform is purple shirt and students wear it for my quizzes; which means they wear it every time I teach them. Do you know that whenever any student sees purple shirt anywhere they immediately remember me? Whether it is at home during the holidays, or in church, at the motor park or even when they see their own purple shirt hanging in their wardrobe, l am the one that comes to mind first; in some cases they see me vividly standing before them whenever they see purple shirt.

“If I am not in their blood stream how do you explain the fact that someone gets injured or falls sick and is very worried that the injury or ill health will prevent him or her from attending my lectures? The person is more worried about my lecture than getting well, believe me. That’s what you achieve through 10,000. On whether I use all the quizzes as continuous assessment, the beauty is that you cannot tell which one will be used so you MUST strive to take all the quizzes. The written ones are marked and returned to class for you to see. That solidifies my presence in the students’ blood stream. So it is easier to teach and get them to understand you, even make them achieve beyond their expectations if you operate from the inside. That’s what I do. This means that when you graduate we only part officially and physically, but I follow you around because I am inside. You can’t spit or cough me out because I am relaxing comfortably in your blood stream most likely drinking a bottle of coke.  You can ask those who graduated several years ago whether this is true or false.

“So you see, students have actually been seeing me in their dream before now appearing as a guest in whatever stories they are dreaming about. We then decided to have a dream quiz together. The students never even knew I was celebrating my 10,000th quiz as a lecturer. I did so to remember that milestone. Of course I have actually given more than that number because I have been teaching and giving quizzes after that dream quiz. But I think this 10,000th quiz is something to remember.

“One thing very important is life is innovation. Everybody wants to blow. Me too I wan blow. But for you to blow you have to blow up tradition to make way for innovation. The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, once said ‘you can’t allow tradition to get in the way of innovation’. I strongly believe in that position. To stand out you have to think out of the box and that’s where you find innovations.”

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  1. HAHAHA, I just remembered one mid night quiz, I was in a deep sleep and they started shouting, ONWA ONWA, Dr Nwabueze, Dr Nwabueze, that sleep just disappeared.

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    Mid night quiz 😂😂😂one of my experience in d university oh Weldon sir

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  31. This is really a groundbreaking academic adventure.

  32. Mid-night quiz is one of the things students won’t like to encounter ” trading your sweat sleep for class quiz” but in my parents voice they will always say the lecturer is trying to mode you on how to read in midnight,
    Everybody in my family knows this lecturer for his unique way of teaching. The only lecturer that you don’t miss his class for anything, the only lecturer that teachs and makes sure that you learnt it ,by giving a brief quiz in other to know if you understood the lecture, in his voice “you must know it” and the greatest of it all is that he will mark all the quizzes return it to the students the next so that they can see were they fail and the correction.
    In his class you must learn to write like a primary two students “covering your book while writing ” and no two persons will write d same thing.
    The only lecturer that celebrates his students for a work well done and also brings out the creativity in his students.
    Happy quiz Anniversary are indeed a called teacher.

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