Friday , May 27 2022

Vampires! Angry Mobs In Malawi Kill Some Suspected Vampires

About eight people accused of being “vampires’’ have been killed by an angry mob in Malawi.

The police spokesperson, Ramsey Mushani, who confirmed the killings that took place on Friday, in the Southern part of the country, said they were based on the belief that “vampires’’ dressed in black entered homes of sleeping residents to suck their blood.

According to media reports, Malawi government has deployed the army and imposed a curfew in the area, and police have arrested 140 suspected vigilantes who attacked people accused of vampirism.

At least, eight people have already been killed in the attacks.

The minister of information, Nicholaus Dausi, while speaking, said that government will put soldiers on the streets to stem the vampire rumours that have resulted in at least nine deaths.

The Malawian president, Peter Mutharika, on the other hand has been visiting parts of the country affected by the vampire scare, trying to prevent the deaths of innocent people.


Source – Nationalhelm

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  1. don’t they know that vampires burn in daylight? why didn’t they perform a taste? how sure are they that they are vampires? We humans always taking laws into our own hands…Lord have mercy on us

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