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Update on Ozubulu Massacre! Gov. Obiano Visits St. Philip’s Church, Says Incident Was Caused by Feud Between 2 Brothers, Police Sources put death toll at 11

Gov. Obiano at Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi to see victims of the Ozubulu attack

Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano has visited St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra state where innocent worshipers were massacred by unknown gunmen this morning.

Obiano while speaking at the Church premises, said that preliminary security investigations revealed that the shooting was caused by a feud between two brothers from that community who were living outside Nigeria.

The governor described the incident as “sacrilegious, totally unacceptable in Anambra State.”

He advised residents of the community to go about their businesses without fear as security operatives were on top of the matter and perpetrators will be brought to book.

Governor Obiano also visited Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi where those injured during the incident were receiving medical care.

He said all medical bills incurred by victims of the incident at the hospital would be taken care of by the State Government.

Reports have it that Police sources have placed the number of those who died in the attack at 11 while 18 were injured.

Investigations are still on but sources said the gun men had first gone to the residence of their target, the rich billionaire who is said to be having issues with his brother outside the country. They were told the man had gone to church. When they got to the church but could not find the man there, their anger was kindled and they resorted to sporadic shooting of innocent people who had gone to worship God in church that morning.

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  1. God help us! what is country turning into? where is safe? this is totally unacceptable… Lord have mercy on the poor victims.

  2. chisom Janefrances

    What is this country turning into? No fear of God atall….. How can human being enter into the house of God and kill the people of God?
    This is unbelievable, They person need to be caught n severely punished….. May their soul rest in peace.

  3. Inappropriate

  4. What ever the feud is, it does not call for killing. What is in this world that people are scrambling for? Everything is a passing phase. Like Solomon said in the Bible that all is vanity. Some day we all will die leaving everything n if we don’t raise godly children while alive,they will squander everything we laboured for.

  5. Chioma chikaogwu

    Jesus… ife na eme na uwa

  6. Aguinam-ojukwu Faustina

    oh Lord…guide nd protect your children… may the souls of those who died rest in peace.Amen

  7. I thank the Governor for personally wading into the matter, and for taking on the hospital bills of the affected. Let’s continue to pray the perpetrators are brought to book.

  8. so…….is because of just one person that the innocent souls were killed,hmm God of mercy save your people.

  9. iloegbunam adaobi

    The perpetrators must reap what they sow.He who lives by the swords,must go by the swords. May God grant those died an eternal rest IJN_Amen! And give a divine healings to the injured victims.

  10. the two brothers should be dragged back to this country and face justice with the gunmen

  11. May God have Mercy on this nation.

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