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Update: Alleged Picture of UI Vice Chancellor at Son’s Convocation Last Week Causes Mixed Reactions online

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This message was shared by Elijah(originally shared by Bada Lateef Olawale)….

‘University of Ibadan, Vice-chancellor (Prof. Idowu Olayinka) attended his son’s convocation in the US last week.

Today, 29,May, 2017, he ordered the students of UI to vacate the hostels and locked down the school.

If a petty issue like not providing ID CARD to students is still making a University like UI to be locked down. I can say Nigeria is not moving forward’




View: Some people think this is not a palatable story, that a Vice Chancellor’s child is enjoying the best of education abroad while students in the school he oversees have been sent home for protesting over ID cards and cooking appliances. Some others think it is not the Vice Chancellor’s fault, that he can train his child in any school abroad where he decides. What do you think?

Pof. Idowu Olayinka, UI VC

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  1. God is in control o if his son is in nigeria schooling he would not have declear the school to be lock just because of an ordinary ID card.he did not take the student of the school as his own that is why he made such harsh thing i kwon is that the law of karma still exist.

  2. Now if the student go for a riot they would say its not right treating your son with so much care because hes studying abroad or what forgetting you are the Vc of so many those student are not peoples children
    quiz no157

  3. Now if the student go for a riot they would say its not right treating your son with so much care because hes studying abroad or what forgetting you are the Vc of so many those student are not peoples children
    quiz no158

  4. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    The Vc should do the right thing for the sack of other innocent student. Quiz no 8 group 11.

  5. When we talk about leaders who are less concerned about the well being of innocent students,The vice chancellor of UI is a typical example.Why on earth will Pro.Idowu Olayinka send his son overseas when he is the v.c of one of the top university in Nigeria?His actions says it all:he doesn’t want his son to be a victim of his wicked act.Students protesting over ID card is not enough reason for a school like UI to be locked,investigations should be carried out in that school.
    Quiz no:83
    Group :5

  6. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    That’s what people in authority (power) do.. they will be able to send their children to a nice school Outside for that matter and people struggling to survive will be the once to suffer. May God have mercy on us… there’s more story to this… just because of ID? there’s more to this

  7. Every year, Nigerian universities graduate: Doctors,Engineers, Pharmacists, Philosophers,Porn stars.Let me take it one by one:
    – The doctors are useless. There is nothing for them. The hospitals are not equipped. How did they graduate? Almost what every Nigerian doctor knows is how to diagnose people of malaria. Let us look at our President. He is not attended to by Nigerian doctors, but every year, we stay busy, graduating doctors. Our parents too, send their children to Ukraine to study medicine. All the time.
    – Engineers. I don’t know who these ones are. The Lebanese and the Chinese will still come and construct our roads. Even the vocationally trained electricians are better and knowledgeable about what they do. The problem is not the leadership – we recycle materials from the 50s and persuade students to cram, instead of practicality, they have only theorized.

  8. – Pharmacists. They believe all they can sell is Panadol and Paracetamol. Give injections. And have all the antiseptic smell all over them.
    – Nigerian universities have Philosophy Departments. When the lecturers are not deep thinkers and readers, how can they ever graduate students who can spin ideas to change the society they live in. Philosophy graduates in Nigeria should not even raise their shoulders high. They are shameless.
    – The best porn videos are filmed in the dingy Nigerian university hostels. Why? When you are bored and useless to yourself, porn is the best way to get your grove on.
    There are so many Vice Chancellors whose children are schooling abroad. So many. If I mention names, there may be problem. Ndi apari!

  9. Infact everything about this country aint working anymore,is it just education,our leaders travel abroad for just check up#is well anyone that has the opportunity to leave this country please run

  10. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    This most be an heartless vice Chancellor. why shutdown a school simply because of ID protest, students right being violated, and his son schools aboard. only in Nigeria this happens.

    Quiz No:86, Group :10.

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