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UNN to Begin Production of Laptop Computers

The Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria (UNN), Prof. Benjamin Ozumba says the institution has concluded plans to begin the production of laptop computers. The Vice Chancellor also said the University will be assembling tractors. Both the laptop and tractors would be produced at the new science and technology incubator called “Roar Nigeria Hub” located within the University campus at Nsukka.

Prof. Ozumba had in 2015, taken a step to make students of the University ICT compliant by making laptop compulsory for every student, a move which lead to negative reactions that caused a change in the policy.

This is a welcome development. But we hope this will one day become a reality. So what do you think about made-in-UNN laptops? Would like your own school to also produce laptop or do you feel this is one of those stories? I see it as a welcome development.


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  1. Okonkwo chukwu nonso (Q2) 2016045090

    It is a good idea and knowledgeable one for us we are in world of highly modern technology almost every thing is done on line, it we be a welcome idea and development if our university can produce laptop, it we also develop our student too.

  2. I think it’s a good idea, because it will advance the students especially in the aspects of becoming computer illiterate it’s a great opportunit

    Quiz number :18
    Reg number :2016054049
    Group number :15 A

  3. This is a good idea and should be adopted at other institutions in Nigeria,because it would increase the productivity of the students and expand their knowledge

  4. It is a good and encouraging idea,which will yield progress and others could be able to emulate them.
    Group number: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  5. if it is possible that will better for the university

  6. the idea of them producing the unn laptop is not really a bad one but to me,i suggest the make it mandatory that students have their own laptop than the school producing theirs.

  7. It is a good idea for the management of the Institution to produce laptop because it will increase the knowledge of the students within and outside the institution(09)

  8. I think it’s a great idea for students
    Quiz number 16
    Group number :15 A

  9. nice suggestions that is if the government will support the school.

  10. the idea is encouraging,I suggest they should make it mandatory for students in order to reduce illiteracy

  11. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    Its a brilliant idea and a great step taken but I hope Nigerians will b willing to purchase it since we fond of buying things outside the country.
    Quiz no:22
    Reg no:2016054002
    Group no:15

  12. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    The idea of bringing in laptops is great and encouraging… It should be compulsory in order for those who weren’t privileged to attend computer school to meet up with the standard(23)

  13. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    it is a nice idea, it will make the have more knowledge and also make them learn fast

    GROUP 15A

  14. I think it’s a great opportunity especially in the field of learning
    Number 15
    Group number :15 A

  15. To me i will say it is good for the school to provide laptop for the student because it will help the student to be able to operate it and also to know How to operate it if the see theirselves in any offices

    quiz no(21)
    group no (15b)

  16. This students really need encouragement to achieve their goal and if all universities adopt this pattern of technology know how to develop things I think it will make our citizens more creative… (1)

  17. its right technology is very important nd great for e-learning buh the main issue is if this plans will be finalized.
    group 15
    quiz number.27

  18. It is a very good idea,because we ‘re in modern age and it will make us want to learn the more … no6

  19. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    It is a very intelligent idea, atleast, this will build the level of development in science and technology in our country.If we can produce such for our selves, it will make us to be independent.
    Group no:15A
    Quiz no:31

  20. chisom Janefrances

    it is good and knowledgeable one although we are into the world of modern technology.I wil really appreciate if this idea of New development(laptops)wil be brought into our institution inorder to help those that didn’t have the privilege to attend computer class.

  21. Is a very nice idea if they work hard on it. But they shouldn’t enforce students to buy laptop to avoid stealing..The university should start with the change. Soon, It will become a reality that will change not only the university but Nigeria as well…

  22. That’ll be epic, possibility of it starting in unn, then I believe the idea will be widespread and maybe we c an have a car… made in Coou (29)

  23. I think thats a good idea because it will make the students to be creative and knowledgeable…
    This will make them also to be computer literate

  24. Well is a great idea and it will make them to learn fast .

  25. Akukalia Louis

    this is a good improvement for institution like unn , firstly I will not like this decision in ansu because one no network for browsing and also electricity in the lodges only those in hostels will enjoy this development.. so, they should first of all provide this necessary needs before raising up a good decision like this in our university…
    group 15 A

  26. Brilliant idea!!

    Great development.

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