Monday , February 19 2024

Uniabuja Recalls Expelled SUG President, Ude-Umanta, After 12 Years


The University Of Abuja Governing Council has reinstated their former SUG President, Igwe Ude Umanta.

He was unjustly expelled 12 years ago for leading a protest due to lack of water.

He has been recalled to complete his 400 level exam.

What is your opinion on this?



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  1. Ochonma Uchenna

    The footprints we humans leave are often scars ~unknown~
    After 12years?

  2. jeez!!! after 12 years


    This is painful, you can just imagine that statement “unjustly expelled” now they call him back after 12 solid good years to come and complete his 400l exam.
    Institution protocol is very funny and unfair.

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