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Unfair now! Husband delivers wife to inlaws in wheelbarrow

A thirty-six-year-old Zambia man has been sued by his wife for allegedly taking her to her parents in wheelbarrow at night when she was in labour.
Anna Nonge, 21, of Kabanana township, Zambia, told the Matero local court that her husband Abel Nonge took her to her parents instead of the hospital when she was due to deliver.

Facts before the court were that Anna and Abel got married in 2013 and have one child together, K 3,000 bride price out of the initial K 5,000 which was charged.
In her testimony, Anna told the court that she did not understand why her husband took her to her parents when he was supposed to take her to the hospital.
“My husband has a vehicle but he opted to take me to my parents’ when I was in a state of giving birth using a wheelbarrow, he has never visited me at my parents’ house for two years from the time our child was born,” Anna said.
She also told the court that Abel has been giving her K100 every five months as child support and she pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage so that the pair can live separately.
But Abel told the court that his father-in-law has always been a source of problems in their marriage.
He told the court that Anna’s father always comes into their marital affairs and that he always looks for faults in him.
“I love my wife but her father and I have never been in good books. At one time, he beat me up when I went to see her.” Abel said.
In passing judgement, the court granted divorce and ordered Abel to compensate Anna with K 5,000 and K250 child maintenance every month.

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Source: Daily Mail

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  1. chisom Janefrances

    Hmmmm…… Since the father’s wife always interfere in marriage the husband could have tell her wife that he didn’t like the way his father interfere rather than taking her wife back to her father’s house when he already know that the wife is in labour….This is absolutely called wickedness.

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