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Unbelievable! Someone I’m Yet to Meet Paid My Tuition Through University – Nigerian Graduate Shares Touching Story

This is an incredible story of a Nigerian lady, Olubiyo Cosiba, who took to social media to narrate her touching story of how God pulled her through when it seems like the world was collapsing on her head.
Cosiba said that after gaining admission at Redeemers University, things were so bad that she couldn’t afford going back to school because of her parents’ financial condition. But, just like another dream, God sent an angel who paid her fees till she graduated. The best part is that the person did all that without meeting her.
Read her story below:
Let me tell you a short story…

You see when I got admission to study in Redeemer’s university, I was so indifferent; happy & sad.. Happy because I finally got admission, sad because we couldn’t afford a school that expensive..

Well, Ayo Olubiyo said hopefully he’d pay, so 100level first semester he paid… Then second semester came, that was when it dawned on me that man can only propose but God will surely be the one to do it, somehow my uncle could not pay so my friends had to start calling their parents and Boom I paid for my second semester 100level.. “How do I continue lord?? I can’t drop out!! This would be a shame for me lord” these and many other thought were running through my head because it was so obvious that I could not further after my year one.. After last paper for 100l second semester, I decided to stay four days extra and do something..

I went to the auditorium on Redemption camp and did something that I never thought I had the strength to do.. I walked round that large auditorium SEVEN good times without stopping for once and I prayed my eyes out, at some points I could not even walk again so I started crawling, yes I crawled, Lol.. While doing this I had just one prayer in my mouth, “Lord, I DON’T want to drop out of school” 

That’s the one day I would never forget. I cried, prayed, cried, prayed… Well, the last walk to the auditorium, I fell asleep.. Woke up and went to my hostel, then came back the next day and the third day.. So I told myself “it haff do” Lol.. Then went home..

It was time to resume for 200level and I could not resume with my friends by this time Festus Ayo Olubiyo had already put his car up for sale to pay for my tuition. (My Gee) 8 weeks after my mates were in school receiving lectures, I was home (Lol) my friends had to go beg the porters to let me stay in the hostel because exams were fast approaching.

I was allowed to enter the hostel and go for classes with the hope that before exams festus would get someone to buy the car and I’d pay before exams.. But God who works in a mysterious way did something..
One week after I resumed without paying (making the 9th week) I was in my room when my Friend’s mom; One week after I resumed without paying (making the 9th week) I was in my room when my Friend’s mom; Mrs Adelaja, called me and said I should send some documents to one particular email address.. So I did. (This is the best part of my story)

So two days later, I got a call that changed my story.. The one phone call that paid my school fees from my second year to my final year, the one phone call that made me not to drop out of school, the phone call that sounded so gentle but had so much impact in my life, The phone call that I’m yet to meet the person behind those calls.. Yes…. Someone called me and said “is this Lois? I got the document you sent two days ago” that was it.. And this voice started paying my school fees from that day till my last semester.. MRS DARE AJENI who I’m yet to meet paid my school fees.. Hehe

I’m sure you would think I’m lying but the truth is when God decides to favour you, it would seem like a lie. Well, I DON’T KNOW MY SPONSOR and she doesn’t know me as well.. All she knows is my name and school. Yes that is favour. It could have only been God… Thank you so much Mrs Adelaja, Mrs Dare, Festus Ayodeji and to all my friends who stood by me when it was so demn tough.. Note: I need to save up a lot and go look for my sponsor in Canada… But if you have her picture biko send it to me oh. Lol.. Every other person who contributed Earnestly to my success today.. I’m deeply grateful to you all.. Same to my other uncles.. God bless them. I love you mom..”

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  1. You Know that you are from a poor home.. you know your family cant afford the fees…. Yet you still applied to a school that pays up to 7 million naira as tuition fees…. When there are so many Federal schools in this country dat accepts 50 thousand naira.

    I don’t believe this story…..

  2. @Sochima. according to her, she has other uncles whom she hoped would support her but unfortunently they dissappointed her. He whom God decided to favour is favoured indeed.

  3. ah..Ben..the possibility of the story is 100% glaring, like u said there are schools that accept 50k as tuition fee, yes! but again those school are highly competitive…. and u know how these private unis do…u will not enroll them but they will still offer u admission and if u have been seeking admission for years ,u have no option than to take the bull by the horn….. trust me so many people are living on heavenly miracle……. am a testimony!

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