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Unbelievable! A 37-year-old Ugandan woman has given birth to 38 children

Mariam and some of her children (Pix credit naijapost)

A 37-year-old mother in Kabimbiri village, Mukono District in Uganda has given birth to 38 children. Villagers have given the mother, Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye, the nickname of Nalongo Muzaala Bana, which means “the twin mother who produces quadruplets.” Among her children are six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets, and single babies. Ten of these children are girls and the rest are boys.

Mariam is not as surprised as other because her father had 45 children from different women, according to her.

She told Ugandan Daily in an interview that her father’s 45 children all came in quintuplets, quadruplets, twins and triplets. Dr Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist at Mulago Hospital confirms that Mariam may have taken after her father, as her case may be genetic.

He said: “Her case is genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate (releasing multiple eggs in one cycle), which significantly increases the chance of having multiples.” Mariam said she was married off at an early age and she gave birth for the first time at the age of 13 to twins. She said she sought medical advice several times in a bid to stop having children but doctors advised her that since she produces so many eggs, it would be dangerous to her health.

Mariam warned parents never to sell their children off to early marriage, further advising men to look after their wives and children. She said she barely knew her father whom she last saw briefly when she was 13.

We really do not know what may have encouraged Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye to engage in baby-making adventure but whatever it is, we plead with girls to consider the future of the kids before angrily behaving like Mariam due to lack of jobs. This story may not be very fresh but it needs to be mentioned just for the records. Do you think it is poverty or lack of education that leads to this kind of situation? Please do you know anyone in school who would want to break this record?

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Mariam (Pix credit: Daily monitor)


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  1. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    From layman’s view, it is caused by lack of education, hw can a human begin give birth to 38 children without a family planning,.

  2. Casmir Obiakor ONWA

    Kudos to her. She should better complete to 40.

    • This is a bit mean o. So this is you comment on this matter Onwa? Do you know that other young girls will read what you have written? Are you creating the impression that they should do like this woman? Na wa o.

  3. I think it is lack of education…and lack of counsel on family planning

  4. Chisos….indeed this is wande coals superwoman

  5. wow. that means he has more than 5 wife’s or they are giving birth to twins alibe

  6. Its uncalled for…its not advisable for any woman to engage in such..the woman also have d rite to know aw many children she eants in the family..

  7. chisom Janefrances

    seriously this is really bit confusing.i won’t say is lack of poverty because with the situation Nigerian are facing(economy recession) the woman should planned ahead the number of children she would give birth to.I wil say is lack of education because if the woman has passed through educational level she ought to know what is family planning.

  8. serious lack of education

  9. From my own point of view it is because of lack of parental counsel,education and poverty.if mariam was opportuned to be a literate she would have not get married at the age of 13 and there was no fatherly love to guilde her in life if not for early marriage she would have not given birth to many advice to young ladies is that we should get to the appropiate age of marriage before going into it and we should plan with our spouse the number of children we want because in this our economy we should cut our material according to our size because no one will take first position in child bearing.

  10. Lack of advice and education
    Quiz number:16
    Group number:15 A

  11. In the way I see it it’s lack of education and advice, mariam as its seen need attention and care as a lady but no one did that for her no one was there to coach her right because as its seen her father had many children this is also part of the reason he got her married off at an early age… lady should make that mistake educated or not
    Quiz number:18
    Group number:15 A

  12. Oh, I have died.

  13. onyinye grace nwankwo

    Family planning is very important in every marriage or family to avoid punishing the children God has given you…. Very bad of parents

  14. Wow!!! Just one woman? It is well o

  15. hmmmm! she is wonderful o
    37 vs 38 ….. na wa o

    but hawfar the man na? him no try o

    as for the woman, I think she needed a community of her own so, she is working on that.

    • You are the only person who has talked about the man. Why?Are you blaming him for this? Instead of advising the woman you are saying she wants her own community. What if she reads this comment? Na wa o.

  16. And the story read in part”She said she sought medical advice several times in a bid to stop having children but doctors advised her that since she produces so many eggs, it would be dangerous to her health”,so what are we saying here it means she can’t stop having children and she appears strong, firstly this woman is not from Nigeria as most of us are saying and secondly medical experts have told her the consequences of her stopping to produce children, what else do you expect the woman to do? To die or to continue with the incubation destiny. Lol!!!,from her parents angle medicalvexperts said”Her case is genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate (releasing multiple eggs in one cycle), which significantly increases the chance of having multiples.” so let’s stop blaming the parents because its from blood,even if she went to school it won’t change whats in her linage, let’s always try to comprehend a piece before making comments please…to me this is one of the wonders though its weird.maybe one of the hostel girls can try to break this record…hahahahaha

  17. Celestine Audu

    I have a contrary opinion. We are forgetting the aspect where doctor said if stop giving birth, the eggs will be dangerous to her health. If she had the might to give birth to one at a time, she would have done that instead of giving birth to set of twins and quadruplets but that was beyond her control. Although her early marriage had its own effect on her but its just a minor reason which can be rooted to lack of Education because if her parents are educated, they won’t give their child out at such an early and tender age.

  18. I think, behind these bevies of children, lies a man. without a man, Mariam wouldn’t hv gotten any child. the point is, if Mariam after some steps to control child birth, was unable to, why wouldn’t the husband help matters? what stops him from protecting himself. eh

    she needed a community bcus, the letter N and O = NO was far from her lips. if I should elaborate on this, I will keep blaming the man so, let me leave it here.

  19. as for advice (on child birth), she don’t need it! the deal has been done.

    she should just work hard to bring up those children. and never to give out her females in marriage till their up to 27 and above. lol

  20. This is a case of illiteracy she should have planned well cause this not acceptable in the mordem world which can increase government burdened about her and looking for a way to take care of her children and imagine so many women who are just like Mariam so it’s not advisable group (15) no 14

  21. People should be educated about family planning,it won’t be humanly possible for the parents to provide basic amenities for all the children……….the woman was not given the right advice by the right poeple

  22. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    kudos 2 her in this Buhari recession,did she want to kill herself.
    GROUP NO 15A

  23. Okeke chiamaka gabriella

    In this Buhari recession, does she want to kill herself, how would she take care of them
    GROUP 15A
    NO 21

  24. Finally a village has been created

  25. Okonkwo Nonso victor 2016054090 (Q2)

    The cause of her born more children’s may because of ignore which most women didn’t know about it, we need to educate our young females in society,about child birth control and even they want to be involve in making of baby they should consider the kids future first of all, I didn’t think that any body we want to have up to 38 children’s

  26. As a Newbie, I am constantly searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  27. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    education is very important.
    group no 15A
    quiz no 31

  28. Nneka precious udekwe S1

    She should make it round number 40

  29. umeh blessing Chinelo S2

    Nawa oh this is serious

  30. nawo ooo things are happening in this world

  31. I think she was under aged ,lacks counsel and education as well .If she was better counselled she would not have done what she did

  32. This Ugandan woman was seriously not given any attention by his parents and was not privileged to be educated because if educated she will plan with the husband on how many children they are to beget.
    I strongly believe that this woman and his husband cannot be able to train all this children morally,academically and financially..this will have w bad effect on the children, some of them might even die of over population and infectious diseases.

  33. Udechukwu chiamaka

    madam abeg make u take am easy joor

  34. Lack of education and advice!!!

    Am still surprised.

  35. nwangene onyema c

    this is too much na, how can she take care if 37 children n most of them are stil very small from d picture I saw.
    I believe lack of education and lack of family planning is one of the major reason for all this.
    and yes! where is the husband??

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