Unbelievable: 3-Year-Old Twins Marry Each Other In Colourful Ceremony…The Reason Will Shock You (Photos)

In what will come across as a really unbelievable development, twin siblings have been made to marry each in a colourful ceremony.

The Twins got married
Photos have shown the moment twins got married to each other in Thailand.
The twins who are the children of Narongsak Wingworn, the Mayor of Singburi, were joined in marriage yesterday in a ceremony designed to ward off potential bad luck.
Three year olds Win-Win (the groom in suit and tie) and Wa-Wa (the bride in flowing white bridal attire) were paid all the usual compliments of a traditional Thai wedding at the mayor’s house in Bang Phusa sub-district of the central Thai city.
The twins and their parents
The dowry was 888,888 baht and 100 baht weight in gold (worth about two million baht) was laid out as many society figures in Singburi enjoyed the party.
Many Thais believe that twins have the potential to suffer bad luck and marrying them in this way helps stop misfortune.
Thai Rath reported that the twins had suffered some minor illnesses recently.

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  1. Igwenagu gift chioma

    Na waa so bad i have never seen such a thing befor & beside how can the parent allowed that to happen

  2. Ordu Meshark Emenike

    what came over there parent to allow them do such a thing, very bad

  3. chaii this is madness a big taboo these r kids for crying out loud

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