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Types of Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies are strong stakeholders in the advertising industry. An advertising agency, also referred to as a creative agency or an ad agency, is a business made up of professionals who create, plan, and handle advertising and sometimes other forms of promotional activities for its clients. It is composed of creative and business people – the writers and artists, showmen and market analysts, merchandising and research people, advertising specialists of all sorts.

There are two basic types of advertising agencies – full service agencies and specialized service agencies.

Full service advertising agencies

The full service advertising agencies which are the most common types of ad agencies provide advertising and non-advertising services such as public relations, sales promotions, trade shows and production of annual reports and sales training materials.

Specialized advertising agencies

The specialized advertising agencies basically provide one or two services for clients. This could be a media buying service agency or creative boutique agency. Specialized agencies network with full service or other agencies to carry out tasks that are not within the services they offer, whenever such need arises.


Daniella Alscher, in an article posted onLearn Hub, splits existing types of specialized advertising agencies as follows;

Digital advertising agency

These are agencies that basically focus on promoting products via the digital world. These agencies will be able to help you with anything and everything on-screen, including: Search engine optimization (SEO); Social media marketing; Web design; Email marketing; and Content marketing. Digital advertising agencies really hone in everything digital, meaning that the work doesn’t have to stop at just SEO and web design. Graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, and photographers are all mixed into this group.

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Traditional advertising agency

Traditional advertising agencies are less focused on new, digital techniques and are instead focused on traditional advertising techniques (hence the name). Think radio, newspaper, television, magazine, and even billboard advertisements.

Social media advertising agency

Filled with content creators and ad optimizers, the focal point of social media advertising agencies is exactly that: social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; these agencies do it all. From profile design to written blogs, social media advertising agencies work to make your content more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Creative boutique

Creative boutiques are agencies that specialize in creative design services. These agencies were developed because some companies prefer to monitor their success and place advertisements on their own, but don’t have the creative talent to produce the appropriate designs and copy for them.

Media buying agencies

Arguably the inverse of a creative boutique, a media buying agency works with you to place your creative advertising materials in the most optimal locations, whether they’re printed or digital. These agencies will recommend a time frame in which you should be advertising your product or service and the amount your company should be spending for the best results.


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