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Two Allegedly Killed As Delta Community Crisis Escalates

Few days after one Mrs. Oghale Lucky Napoleon, alias Ine, of Igbide community was murdered allegedly by their Okpolo-Enhwe neighbours, two other members of the community have been purportedly killed in an early morning attack in Isoko south local government area of Delta State.

It was learnt that the siege left two persons simply identified as Mr. Orogun and Mr. Isaiah, dead while several others sustained injuries in a failed attempt to loot properties and burn down houses in the town.

Our source who claimed anonymity said: ‘Earlier this morning, we notified the public of the surprise attack on Igbide community by Okpolo/Enhwe and promised to update you as events unfold.

“The attack which took everyone by surprise was the culmination of several acts of aggression from Okpolo/Enhwe within the yuletide period. On 23rd December 2021 just as everyone was preparing for the Christmas celebrations, our Okpolo/Enhwe neighbours had other plans as they crept into Igbide farmlands at Owodokpokpo to kill and maim.

“It is noteworthy that Igbide people, not desirous of wars and in the spirit of reconciliation successfully kicked started by IDU on the Igbide-Emede crisis, had of recent also extended a hand of friendship and reconciliation to Okpolo/Enhwe in a bid to put that crisis to an end.

“We assumed we were on the right track and that these acts of aggression were isolated attempts to truncate the Igbide initiated peace process. Alas we were only being goaded along as these acts of aggression were a prelude to a major offensive on Igbide community

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“The attack on Igbide began in full force at about 0500hrs this morning when masses of Okpolo-Enhwe people and their mercenary hirelings, armed to the teeth swooped on an unsuspecting and still holidaying Igbide community.

“By the special grace of God Almighty Igbide people were able to rouse themselves against the invaders and keep them at bay up until the Military forces eventually arrived to quell the grim situation at about 1130hrs. In this yet-again unprovoked attack our Okpolo/Enhwe neighbours killed two Igbide

“It is important to mention that Igbide has made several concessions and overtures to achieve lasting peace. We have offered territory, ensured passage of Okpolo/Enhwe people through our community, hosted events where several Okpolo/Enhwe people have been invited, warmly received, feted and returned safely back to their community, gladly participated in all meetings and proceedings to achieve peace.

“Wholeheartedly accepted the report of the Isoko Peace Committee and have recently initiated direct engagement with key Okpolo/Enhwe indigenes to put an end to this crisis; all to no avail. What more could have been done?

“We are constrained to ask our Okpolo/Enhwe neighbours what do they really want? Is it the total annihilation of Igbide? Do they expect in this modern age to takeover and occupy Igbide territory including established towns like Owodokpokpo?

“Is their claim to own land and direct borders with Emede and Uzere as stated in one of their online publications realizable or tenable? Why endlessly expend precious lives and resources on an immoral, impracticable and hegemonic undertaking?

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“Despite the atrocities committed by Okpolo/Enhwe people till date including the brutal murder of two Igbide women in their farms, the Igbide people remain peace loving and committed to a mutual settlement. We can assure our Okpolo/Enhwe neighbours that should they opt for peace, Igbide community is always ready for dialogue as we have always done in time past.

“And should they opt for continued aggression, Igbide people would have no option than to defend their land and heritage to the fullest of their abilities. It is our fervent hope and prayer that Okpolo/Enhwe people see the futility of this needless conflict on their part as even the events of today must have also clearly demonstrated the beauty of coming to the negotiating table. War has no winners, only losers”.

It would be recall that Mrs. Oghale Lucky Napoleon, was beheaded while the husband escaped death with several bullet wounds.

Igbideyalleged that their Okpolo/Enhwe neighbours danced around their town with the severed head of the Igbide woman, Mrs. Oghale Napoleon aka Ine whom they had murdered in cold blood on 23rd December 2021 shooting sporadically, chanting war songs and drumming. All these were heard in parts of Igbide and from sources within Okpolo/Enhwe.

Contacted the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) DSP Edafe Bright, pointed out “the way to confirm death is that people that died must have a body and they must have a name.

“The leaders of the two communities were with the CP the day before yesterday and I can tell you even in that meeting, they could not mention the name of anybody they they are alleging died

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“Even till now, it has not been reported that anybody died. By my records, nobody died”, he confirmed that there was crisis “but the CP is on top of that situation”, he added.

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