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Trending! Outrage as pastor asks women to pick husbands during service

This is a trending story which I believe you should read. It was carried by but irrespective of who reported it first, you should read this and either get worried or be happy for the new couples, about 4 or five of them.

A clergyman in Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, on Friday incurred the wrath of many Nigerians after a video of him asking a woman to move round the auditorium and pick a man as husband during service emerged online.

In the about 9.42-minute-long clip, Fufeyin was seen ordering the woman to come towards where he stood at the front before asking after her husband.

When the woman responded that she was yet to marry, the pastor giggled before asking her when she wished to marry.

Immediately the woman answered that she would wish to be married on that very day, Fufeyin asked her to quickly go round the auditorium to pick a husband.

The light-complexioned lady sporting a blue native attire, moved round different sections of the packed auditorium while the pastor followed closely behind.

After insisting that she had not found a man of her choice to take as husband, the prophet then asked men interested in taking her as wife to file out.

About eight men came out but the woman told the clergyman that she was not interested in any of them, prompting him to say that her eyes had been covered by supernatural forces.

He said, “The reason why you are just moving around without finding a man is because they put a mask to cover your face.

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“In the realm of the spirit, you are just moving aimlessly. Anybody that comes your way just chop (sic) and go. No be so?

“They plaster your face not to find husband until you grow old.”

***The clergyman thereafter asked ladies interested in marrying the eight men, who had come out for the first woman to line up behind them.

While one or two ladies queued up behind some of the men, a particular one among them had 11 women lining up behind him.

Fufeyin thereafter said he gave the men till the end of the month to screen their “wives” and pick the one person they want to marry.

He said, “Pastors, write down the husbands’ names. We cannot allow women to remain like this forever. I want to marry off this people. I give you people from now till month end to screen your wives. Nobody should go and meet them at night; if you go I’ll catch you.

“I will sponsor the marriages in this church on the same day. I give you time to check yourself.”

He then turned to the first lady and told her to go and look for her husband before laying hands on her.

The woman fell to the ground immediately his hands came upon her.

Reacting to the entire episode, readers on PUNCH’s online platform,, rained hard knocks on the prophet.

A commentor, Omo9ja, said, “What these fake pastors will cause in this country, they will not be able to solve it. Stealing and lying in the name of God. They are just mocking Christianity. There is God o.”

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Another commentor identified only as Nigeriamovingforward, said, “Religious enslavement has taken over Nigeria. Business / church centres.”

Admonisher, another reader, wrote, “This is so against the Biblical teachings on marriage. Church has become business, reality shows and den of corrupt and discredited politicians.”

Emmanco, a separate reader, wrote, “I can’t believe what I just watched. How can these guys continue to take advantage of the weak and poor souls and get away with it? I am not judging but this is an abuse of power and immoral to say the least. I think it’s high time the government set up an agency to monitor this type of abuse and fraudulent religious leaders.”

Dycc Dunukofia emmanco, wrote, “This is a show of shame… what these prophets of doom are doing now is terrible. Some pastors will tell their members to eat grasses like goat to get money… One church camera even captured holy ghost flying in the church….I wrote it in small letter oooo……ALL NA WORK.”

A commentor, Acheme David Ijegwa, said, “How lost Christians have become, unable to discern where the Spirit of God resides. Sheep that doesn’t know the voice of the master easily follows wolves.”

Daniel Dalon Comrade Easy wrote, “That lady is in love with the pastor – that’s why she couldn’t choose….Not to worry, he will soon divorce his wife and be her husband, it’s permitted in new generation churches.”


View: What do you think about this story? Do you think there should be a limit to the way we obey our pastors? Would you marry anyone you get in this way? What advice do you have for such church members and those desperate to get married in this manner?

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  1. So pastors can now suggest a partner to an individual, like the two don’t have decision of whether to accept the arrangement or not all because it came from a pastor……this is the same thing as my mother showing and insisting on who I go marry na, eventually tomorrow if the marriage crash , who go help me put am together, that same my mother….mbanu.

  2. Am living in a world where nothing Seems to surprise me anymore… can I marry, or choose a person am not emotionally attached to…..all because say na pastor…Na like that pastor find him own wife?

    My brother who does that?

  3. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    These are strategy to bring youth to church. Mostly ladies. He won’t lack members am telling you… By next Sunday service. The church will be outrageous.(overflow). Ladies don see church.. Very nice move pastor… Jisike… You are doing the work of your father… Clever man…

  4. churches nowadays don’t follow the things of the Bible, God help us.

  5. Church! church! church! I wonder what it’s all turning into and some pastor’s are really not helping matters. After he sponsors the wedding, will he also sponsor them for the rest of their lives? By the way it’s not everything the pastor says that you obey, that’s why we can go down on our knees and pray to our creator. only God can save us from fake pastors o

  6. ojukwu Ogochukwu

    saw this post on instagram…naija people can do rubbish sha…choosing partners in church lol big joke

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