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Trending! Nigerians react as Picture of Justice Symbol leaning on stick goes viral

This is probably on every social media news platform by now. It is the most trending embarrassment to Nigeria currently.

In front of every Judicial building and all the courts in Nigeria, you will see a statue or picture of a blind folded woman, with a sword in one hand, and scales in another.

She is referred to as ‘Lady Justice’ in modern day parlance, however she is the Roman Goddess ‘Justitia‘, who is equivalent to the Greek Goddess Dike.

Lady Justice has been pictured leaning on a stick for support in a photo that has now gone viral after it was shared by Nigerian Twitter user, Bolu. She captioned it “Even the symbol of justice in Nigeria is tired”…

Nigerian were enraged and engaged by the post. See some reactions below:


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View: How would you describe this image as a symbol of justice in Nigeria?

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  1. chisom Janefrances

    The symbols signify the downfall of Nigerian. ….

  2. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Group 13
    This is very bad coming from the Nigeria Judiciary System

  3. This is really summarising the Nigerian judiciary system cos this statue is exact mockery of judiciary system
    Group 1

  4. This is an Embarrassment to Nigeria….the lady in question shouldn’t have posted the picture….

  5. This shows a bad sign that will affect the judiciary system of the country.
    Group 1

  6. That is the situation of judiciary in Nigeria today.
    The judiciary cannot stand on its own as an independent arm of government any longer.

    Group 1

  7. Even the statue don tire for niger matter, she’s looking for a space to faint.

    Group 7

  8. kaii!!!
    This just goes to show that the inefficiency of APC government is affecting both THE LIVING and NON-LIVING.

    Group 14

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