Tragic! Boy Commits Suicide By Drinking Rat Poison After His Mother Told Him Not to Return Home If He Failed JAMB Again

A young boy has taken his life by drinking rat poison after his mother allegedly told him not to return to the house if he failed Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam again.
The boy who was on his fourth attempt failed again and committed suicide after dropping a note for his mother. Checkout the pathetic report below;
A Facebook user identified as Klariza Ruby Ochei, has taken to the social networking platform and shared the story of a young boy who failed to pass the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), and as a result, committed suicide to ease the pain.
It was gathered that the young boy reportedly gave in to pressures from his mum who had earlier given him an order to pass the university entrance examination but unfortunately he could not. This motivated him to resort to taking rat poison having failed on another try.
Here’s how the story was narrated in full on Facebook;
“My mom told me a true like story yesterday that pierce my bone. Her friend’s son wrote jamb the first time, he did well but wasn’t given admission. He wrote the next year and he wasn’t given admission as well. He didn’t give up, he wrote last Year and performed woefully, and his parents were angry with him. And his mom told him if he write again this year and doesn’t do well, he shouldn’t come back home. Because she has wasted a lot of money on him alone.
The boy took jamb this year and unfortunately, his result was unpleasing. His parents were not at home. He told his friends(his neighbor) that he didn’t do well. He told them what his mother told him.
This boy went into the house locked himself, wrote a letter to his mom that his mom has never gone through his note even when he attended tutorial. She is so busy with work and he took rat poison and died. And this boy is the only child of his mother.
Please I beg of you parents never put fear in a child when it comes to academics. Even if he performed woefully he can learn a vocational trade and be successful. There are a lot of children who don’t do well in classroom but in the room of vocational skills they are unbeatable.
Besides there is always a room for change, You want your child to go far than you’ve gone then you shouldn’t do it a Scarry way. Believe me I am a teenager too and I tell you parents IT’S NOT EASY!! If it’s easy why didn’t you get to that stage you want your child to be now during your own time?? The funniest part is some parents don’t have Time for their children. To go through their children books is like a big task. Then how would you know if his failure has been telling on him long before now??
Please let’s always encourage our children.. let’s give them the support we can let’s show them love n care as parents. No child is dull. It’s either faults are from the parents or teachers. Parents spend quality time with your children I beg you.”

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The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. My God why should a mother say such a thing to her child now see what it has resulted to…may his soul rest in peace, but he shouldn’t have taken his life

  2. Ohazulike chibueze(2015054019)

    nooooooo! why now?

  3. This is incredible……school is not by force oooo…..the fall of a man is defnitely not his end….its a pity..RIP poor thing

  4. Maduakor Uju Cynthia
    Jesus!!! This is why I hate anything pressure when it comes to academics
    how can a mum put her son under such pressure, hw much does she think she has wasted that’s worth the boy’s life.
    The boy on his own part is another case because suicide is never an option biko__RIP

  5. Parent please be careful of what you say to your children. It is not enough reason to take ur life bro. Rip

  6. Ejimbe Eric 2015054072 (41)

    it’s a pity now the mother would feel the pain that she caused.

  7. hmm some parents can be pushy ooo. just imagine.

  8. udekwe precious Nneka

    our parents should knw that school is not be force, dis are times u dont force children to go to school, now see what she has brought upon herself and her poor son. may his soul RIP.


  9. umeh blessing chinelo

    some parents are always putting so much pressure on their kids and that’s not good
    umeh blessing chinelo

  10. Imagine see Wat she caused now your only son mtcheew

  11. Nawa o,some parents are killing their children indirectly

  12. Chikaogwu chioma kevina

    A lots of parents are really doing the wrong thing by pressuring their kids towards academic… not every child’s brain is that hot, some actual need to follow gradual process before they excel but parents will pressure you to even go for a course of their choice not minding your capabilities…

  13. Parents need to take note of this… You don’t abuse your child if he or she fails… U encourage them so they can do better next time.. Even if they fail again, always be there…
    Quiz no 52

  14. Nwachukwu Nkiruka C. (2015054096)

    Hmm, what a world, the mother really made a mistake by putting pressure on his son, education is not compulsory, What a pity RIP

  15. The mother made a huge mistake by saying such to her son……what a sad story

  16. Sometimes I wonder why some mothers always put their children in doing what they don’t want to do, only God knows how strict the mother is because is not only that statement that will make d child to commit suicide. We are d future of tomorrow, Education or no Education. Is not all about going to school but our parents won’t understand that. Poor child
    May his gentle soul rest in peace Amen

  17. Honestly, parents needs to mind whatever they say to their children… how can a mother say such to her son? Now the poor boy is gone, is she happy? No!

  18. Nawwaooo why wud Hw do such a thing

  19. fear is in indeed a torment .may your soul rest in peace Dear.

    Name Ekulide Tochukwu

    Reg no 2015054034

  20. Too bad. I guess he was too ashamed to face his mum. May his soul rest in peace

  21. Ebeagwu chinonye J
    Some mother’s are actually the cause of their problems, why will she say something like that to her son, is the son the computer that marks jamb questions? Her duty as a mother is to encourage the son not to discourage him. She is just so annoying..

  22. Wow!…. This story is actually a pathetic one. Parents should learn to create time for their kids academics. The worst way to teach a child is by putting fear in the mind of that child cos the fear won’t allow that child assimilate what he/she is being taught. Failure in your academics is not the end of the world. Some kids are not just blessed to be successful in their academics but put them in another field that child will be much more successful. Most people don’t know how to handle depression and most times the only way out is just to take their own lives. His mother shouldn’t have said those depressing words to him. Nigeria’s system of education is already messed up. So many celebrities these days are doing well in their field of work and not with their certificates. Yes it’s advisable to have a certificate to fall back on but out country does not value our graduates. There is no job opportunity for fresh graduates. God help us all in our daily activities. RIP beautiful soul❤️

  23. Iloegbunam Oluchukwu lynda 2015054060

    That woman is so ignorance of herself. What rubbish and nonsense threat?

    1. Nkameme Donald Obinna2015054060

      Imagine!!! What knid of mother is that?
      Mtcheeew rest in peace little boy

      1. Nkameme Donald Obinna 2015054114


  24. Nweke Immaculata onyinyechi

    For parents that doesn’t know how to talk to their children, let this serve as a note of warning to you guys

  25. This is sad😧, why should a Mum pressure her own child to the extent of him committing suicide for crying out loud?? Rest in peace dear

  26. Eze Priscillia Obianuju

    Parents should learn to support their children even when they fail, it makes them want to strive more.

  27. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    This is so frustrating oh… Rip

  28. I wonder the kind of mother that will pressurize her very own only son about his academic performance instead of encouraging him.
    Well, this is a typical example of “Had known at last”

  29. There is no moral justification for what he has done. parents should be careful in their decisions towards some issues especially as it concerns their children.

  30. Ezeifeka Emmanuella (92)

    Nawa oh. African parents need to be more accepting when it comes to all these stuff

  31. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    May his soul rest in peace

  32. Why should be put much pressure on children , examination truly isn’t the true test of knowledge . He can try out other thing and may make history . 2015054062

  33. So annoying… What kind of painful death is this
    Quiz no 54

  34. really sad ,

  35. Some times some parent needs to know the kind of words they use on their children

  36. Failing Jamb is not the end if life… Rip


  37. Failing Jamb is not the end if life… Rip


  38. Women and their stupid reasoning, Rip

  39. Chukwurah Uzoamaka

    Oh!!! My God, please parents should learn how to encourage their children. RIP dear

  40. parent ooo pls understanding in dis kind of case is vital bt d boy was jus being stupid by taking hs life.20

  41. Okoli Ijeoma Precious

    parents should give their children encouragement!!!
    if that woman told her son to try harder in a kind way it wouldn’t have ended like this!

  42. y would he do dat to himself taking his own life too bad.21

  43. y would he do dat to himself taking his own life too bad.21

  44. Anyadubalu Somto. c

    some parents don’t really understand what parenting is all about and they end up ruining the life of their children with their words.
    words really kill people’s spirit

  45. Nwankwor oluebube A

    Mothers just have their unique ways of pressuring their children…. Rip to him

  46. some parent too know how to put pressure on some children self now she has put him to kill him self now if only she has encouraged him to do better he might have done better Rip my dear

  47. Irechukwu Ifeoma 2015054042

    So sad, parent should lean how to encourage their children

  48. Odike Stella Amaka

    His was very wrong with what she did and said. Pressure is one thing that needs to be kept away in academics.

  49. Ndubuisi Miracle Queen

    The story is heartbreaking. The mother failed the child by threatening him.

  50. Nwosu Valentine Chidera

    It is pathetic how a mother could feel so free to threaten her own child.

  51. why do parents feel its our fault when we fail, abeg they should be reasonable enough to check out for other factors. rip

  52. Chinweuba Tobechi

    Please I beg of you parents never put fear in a child when it comes to academics. The best you can do is to encourage and never give up on them.

    Youth please do not let what people will say and take your life not ever your parents

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