Thursday , February 9 2023

Tragedy! Full Loaded Bus Plunges into River along Ukpor-Newi Road (SEE PHOTOS)

Tragedy has struck twice along Ukpor-Nnewi road as a bus loaded with passengers veered off the road into the Ubu Osigbu stream, leaving occupants badly injured.

This incident which happened in the early hours of today (Saturday) came just 4 days after a bus got burnt along the same route due to a fatal crash caused by brake failure.

According to the injured driver, “I was coming down the hill en-route Ukpor from Nnewi, I tried to slow down by stepping on the brake but I discovered it had failed. There were two cars coming before me from the sharp bend and I tried to control the full loaded bus into safety on my vacant left side, but the speed with which the bus was coming down the hill made me to veer into the water.”


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  1. chisom Janefrances

    Oh My God!!! Thank God nobody died…. pray for safe recovery ooo

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