Tourism! Umunya, God’s Own Land

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Afor market in Umunya

Umunya is located at the eastern part of Nigeria, it is one of the five communities that make up oyi local government area (LGA) of Anambra state. It is bordered by six neighbors. Ifite – dunu, awkuzu, nteje, nkwelle – ezunaka ogbunike and umudioka. Its boundaries are naturally demarcated by streams except at the border with nkwelle – ezunaka. The town is blessed with fertile lands, therefore it’s economy is based on agriculture.
It is said that Umunya was found by Nya. History says that on a certain Eke day as Nya was ferrying fishermen and farmers across the stupendous isi-ogwugwu water course. He was struck by a moving flash in the river that followed an unusual wave swirl. This made him to suspend work in reverence to a river goddess, who he believed was going to Eke market. As he rested he had a vision of a stone upon which he will establish a community of farmers who will become his own people.

Beautiful river in Umunya

When he woke up, he found that the river had receded further beyond where he tied his canoe. He Saw that as the confirmation of his dream; he then settled at the place known as ilo-umuebo presently the center-court of high justice in Umunya. He brought his kinsmen and friends and they all settled there. That is why it is called Umunya i e “children of Nya”.
Umunya is a town of ten villages namely Ezi-umunya, okpu, ilo-um uebo, Amaezike, Ajakpani, odumodu-ani, Isioye, Odumodu-enu and ukunu, and ojobi.
The community is headed by a traditional ruler known as HRH Igwe Kris .C. Onyekwuluje (Eze Nya 1) whose reign started from 1998 till date.
Presently there are two major markets in umunya, the Afor daily and Eke weekly markets.
This community is blessed with good looking buildings with a planned geographical landscape cmprising, among others, the kings palace, Umunya Beatrice hospital and the old afor market opposite the kings palace.

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  1. umunya is indeed a highly blessed land
    with so many good things in it

  2. what a great and nice community(62)

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    umunya with rivers surrounding it what a beauty.

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  7. This is really God’s own landv
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  8. Been there already,ad can testify how blessed the land is
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  9. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Umunya is really a wonderful place to be…

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    God’s own land… Will love to be there someday

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  11. This land is really blessed

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    Umunya have such great people with really beautiful things.
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  13. Beautiful culture with nice people in it.49

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    wonderful land I must say.
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  15. Ezeifeka Emmanuella (112)

    I’ve been to ogidi before. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people.

    1. Ezeifeka Emmanuella (112)

      I’ve been to Umunya before. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people.

    2. Ezeifeka Emmanuella (112)


  16. Okeke cynthia chinecherem

    Nice community…
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  17. A state with Gods own people.quiz num:89

  18. what a beautiful place, I was opportuned to visit this wonderful community
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  19. Umunya is God’s own land,land full of humans requirement for living. The land is blessed with some natural resources, such as tress,oil and so many of them.they also have Churches, hospitals, schools and health centers near to people.
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  20. The Land is so amazing and prosperous
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  21. umunya wonder land.
    am opportune to visit this land.

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