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Tourism! Umudioka: In Touch with Their Ancient Traditional Worship

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It was exactly 12:45pm, in the beautiful village of umudioka, Dunukofia local government area of Anambra state. Apart from the natural wind blowing across the green harvested cassava, and the occasional chirping of birds and insects, silence enveloped the small town of Umudioka. The community still cherishes her traditional religious culture, with well decorated shrines located in strategic areas there. A big tree tied with a black and red cloth, by its sides could also be seen; there was also a small calabash with white cloth tied around it.

  Outside the home of Onowu Chukwuemeka a dark complexioned tall lanky man, there was quietness that brought peace to the visitors. “Since olden days until this twenty first century the people of umudioka are known as farmers “, the Onowu. They don’t buy crops in the market because- they cultivate their own food corps. Their major farm produce are yam ,rice,and cassava, tomatoes etc.

Before the coming of Christianity, the people of Umudioka are known as idol worshipers, they worship both trees, they celebrate their new yam festival exactly first week of September for which ijele, akunechenyi, ajukwu, (masquerades) usually come out in honour to the festival ,they use to sell and buy at afor market during the olden days but now they sell and buy at nkwo market “they don’t eat pounded yam” onowu’s wife said,  but added that they like some other foods very well like rice ,maize,and cassava.
The people of Umudioka work towards the peace and progress of the community. They are hard working people.

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  1. Umudioka people as said earlier are hard working,farmers, peaceful people working precisely for the progress of their community mostly idol worshipers(pagan)under awkuzu because umudioka and other villages was all awkuzu but now are divided into villages which umudioka is among.but specially want the peace of their community.

  2. umudioka and shrine

    quiz no 128

  3. I respect the umudioka people alot because they are hardworking people,a people of great cultural value and a peace loving people.
    Quiz no:57

  4. Umudioka is blessed with hardworking people especially farmers
    Quiz no 27

  5. nwankwo chinaza blessing

    umdioka is a wonderful place to be in because of enough food but also scary because they are mostly pegans

  6. Chidume happiness. C.

    Umudioka is known with farming, hardworking, accommodating, peaceful community. They welcome and entertain their visitors every well. Umudioka is obodo oma. Quiz no 22

  7. Umudioka is really known as shrine worshippers but they are hardworking people who likes to cultivate their own crops.
    Quiz no: 23

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