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Tourism! “Incest is An Unforgivable Sacrilege in Nteje”- Odegbo


Nteje is a town in what is today known as oyi local government area formerly Anambra division of Anambra state Nigeria.nteje is Situated about 15 kilometers northeast of Onitsha by land route,the town consists of three quarters namely “EZI”, “IKENGA” and “IFITE”
According to Mr chukwudi odegbo, a younger brother to the king, igwe Rowland odegbo, incest is a great sacrilege in nteje, people who engage themselves in such act are being paraded naked around the town for their ritual purification called “ITU MMANU” and the married women get the title called “IYOM”

           The social, religious and economic life of people of nteje by way of introducing the style of dressing it undergoes a raid change. The time honored custom whereby boys and girls went nude till their puberty, does no longer obtain.” IWA OGODU” that is to tie long pieces of cloth or rolled wrappers around waist by young men is practiced monumentally during funeral occasions of people of same age-grade.
The traditional ruler, igwe Rowland odegbo who is from ikenga Nteje presides over all traditional right such as “IWA JI” that is new yam festival which is during September 2nd to October 2nd. It is worthy of note that nteje  people are good agriculturist , they cultivate a typical yam called “MKPURU JI” a small sized delicious yam which they always export to other community for cultivation and multiplication.
Nteje people had their most interesting year in the year 1891 that year witnessed the invasion of Adas, the Adas  were group of blood-thirty mercenaries hired by the people of Awkuzu against nteje in one of the inter village war.
Nteje people so to say are very industrious people who engage in farming, trading, handwork and they still excel in educational system, it does not stop there for it is Paramount that you need nteje people to personally testify how friendly and cordial they can be when needful.

About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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