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Tourism! AWKUZU : The Giant of Oyi

The First Traditional King of Awkuzu

Awkuzu is one of the communities in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State. The community is surrounded by other communities like : Umunya, Igbariam, lfitedun and Nteje in Oyi Local Government Area.

Awkuzu is divided into three parts : Ezi, lfite, and Ikenga according to seniority or birth order. Gathered from an elderly man (Mr Ebuka Vincent), Awkuzu is divided into sub-villages, Ezi having Iru-Anyika, Aka-Ezi, Igbu and Ozu. Ifite section is made up of Amabo, Isioji and lfite -Umueri lkenga has Ezi -Nkwo, Nkwelle -Awkuzu, Umuobi, Ukpomachi and Dusoju.

For the past 11years, this community (Awkuzu) has remained like a sheep without shepherd -no traditional ruler or town union president. As a community, Awkuzu is famous because of its large population which gave it the familiar name “lbilibe Ogada”, (the swarming locust), a title that stemmed from glorified local disputes with neighbors but now attached to the traditional stool.

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  1. Awkuzu is a very influential community habited by influential people but they need a leader to rule them.

  2. Awkuzu is indeed the gaint of oyi government, they are brave and hardworking. Quiz no 26

  3. Awkuzu as a place has a very beautiful culture… from tradition to the food,to mode of dressings to customs..But the only quirk is their inability to attain a ruler.
    Quiz number: 068

  4. Awkuzu place is a very good place in anambra state, they have people of different kind of status, businesses are their main source of income.
    quiz no.101

  5. Akwuzu parades an array of influential people both in the religious circle,academia and corporate world.
    Enechukwu jamie

  6. Amene Chidera Doris

    Awkuzu is truly the giant of oyi.And also an influential community.
    Reg no 2016054012
    Quiz no 77

  7. Ilozue Doris chisom

    Awkuzu is the best place to be,many great and influential people from awkuzu

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