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Top Ten Professional HD Video Cameras In The World

Great quality cameras play a major role in determining appreciation of movie content. Blockbuster films are mostly shot using top quality High Definition cameras. If you’re considering a flourishing career in filmmaking you should factor in good quality cameras to get the best pictures. Here’s a list of top ten HD cameras in the world. This analysis which was done by provides insight on the best quality HD cameras you can consider in making blockbuster big screen movies.

Sony PMW-300

This Sony PMW-300 One XDCAM is the best in HD today. It is one of Sonys newest professional camcorders. Thi camera is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Pmw-300 has an EX mount lens system that is compatible with 1/2″ & 2/3″ lenses. This is the first semi shoulder mount camera to use both a 1/2″ sensor along with 50MPS recording capability. The Sony PMW range is ideal if you want a camera that is suitable for both shoulder mounting and normal ENG functions. This is the sucessor to the EX3 from Sony and they really have taken things to the next level this time. If you have budget to accommodate the best of equipment for your production then this is the camera to go for.

JVC GY -HM650 / HM600/Hm620

This is a next-generation hand-held professional HD camcorder that guarantees delivery of exceptional imagery whether for sports, news or independent production. It’s lightweight and versatile with features designed mainly for the purpose of fast-paced ENG recording. Connectivity and transfer of files is the main selling point of this camera, it gives you the tools to upload video while in the field. This camera is used by the BBC and is approved for broacast production. Have a look at the test footage in the review and you will see why this features in the top 10.

Panasonic AG-HPX250

Panasonic HPX250 is one of the best camcorders in the market. It has stunning features and capabilities that produce top quality pictures. Its been out for quite a few months now and has performed well is all the tests. The HPX 250 performs great in low light conditions and has superior image quality. This is one of the best video cameras produced by Panasonic. It has been one of their best sellers over the past year.
Canon XF200/XF205

The Canon XF200/XF205 is the newest pro camcorder from Canon. It has been a long time coming and has been much anticipated but its here finally. This is able to record in MXF format, a format used by professional broadcast coorporations. This means any footage filming on this unit is good enough for TV. It comes with an ethernet lan cable and Wi/fi that makes files transfers fast and easy.


This camera is excellent for shooting in low-light conditions, offering stunning shots with great definition. It also has a terrific Zeiss lens, which is considered to be at the ‘prosumer’ level. Its XLR inputs and preset buttons are varied and function rich. This camera Please click the link to read a more in depth review into this camera and take a look at the test footage to see why its one of the best most trusted professional video cameras out.

Canon XF300/305

This camera weighs around 6.5 lbs with a solid and light body and easy-access buttons. It also has a professional appearance without the bulk and hassle of large industrial camcorders. Another special feature is that the Canon XF300 can go from being a run-and-gun shooting device to a shoulder-mount camera. It comes with duel XLR inputs and dual CF card slots. This camera meets the BBC’s standard for broadcast quality and is used by them with the HM650 from JVC.

Sony PMW100

The size of this camera should not deceive anyone who wants too quality HD video camera. The Sony PMW100 is a pretty powerful camera with awesome features. This camera made the list of top 10 professional HD video cameras due to its exceptional qualities. It is superb for field shoots, as it has XLR, SDI, and HDMI and supports 50mb/sec of transfer speed. In summary, it has outstanding portability and maneuverability as well as exceptional picture quality.

Canon XA20/25

This unit from Canon can give you impressive optical performance with its wide-angle HD video lens at 20x zoom. Its pixel count is very effective due to its 1/2.84 HD CMOS Pro sensor. Simply put, the Canon XA20 is ideal for shooting professional content at almost any level. The XA20 is really beginning to blur the line between expensive Pro camcorders and more moderately priced video cameras.

Sony HVR-Z7U

The Sony HVR-Z7u is a great Camcorder for any professional who wants a light-weight trusted camera. This top quality camera has duel XLR audio and records in 24p. It has a 1/3″ Exmore sensor . Click the read review. It’s a very companion of big screen filmmakers.


The Canon XH-A1S is a High Definition Professional Camcorder that has a genuine Canon HD video lens at 20x zoom, as well as a host of other cool features. The uniqueness of this model from Canon is that it’s completely customizable, and the modifications can be made on the following: custom functions, limage adjustments, display adjustments, as well as two custom keys and nine custom presets.

We hope you enjoyed reading this informative piece by Epfilms.Tv. It presents the top 10 beat Pro Video cameras in the world which could help you make a decision to get your filming career started, especially if you have a rich budget for equipment.

If you think there’s a top quality camera which should make this top ten list, do leave us a message. We intend to constantly update this list with evolving trends in the world of cameras.


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