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Top Five Items A Broadcast Journalist Should Always Carry Along

Broadcast journalism is an interesting field which requires serious dedication and commitment for anyone to excel in. Definitely, the organization you work for might provide you with some basic tools such as camera, tape recorder, and some cases, laptop. But you also need to provide some other basic equipment for yourself. Kristan Bravo provide an analysis of five crucial items any broadcast journalist should have in order to excel in this line of work. Some of the items might seem absurd but read through the analysis and discover why you should carry these recommended items along with you as a broadcast journalist.

Rain or shine, events happen, and you will cover them. Always make sure to have an umbrella in your bag or in your car when on the job to carry on and protect both you and the equipment. You’ll be happy you have this one day. When that day comes, your coworkers will praise you as an umbrella-wielding hero.


Things can sound much different on the scene than what the camera actually picks up—maybe the mic isn’t on or sits too far away from the subject. Always make sure you get the best possible audio by actually plugging your headphones into the camera to listen to what the camera is hearing.


Just like the others, you can never be too safe. You won’t have a broadcast without footage, and you won’t have footage if the battery dies. Keep that spare battery in your back pocket in the case of an emergency. You never know when the battery may die during filming. Pro tip: Batteries do not last as long in cold weather.

If we searched you, we’d find your phone in your back pocket. This shouldn’t change when you get into the real world. As a broadcast journalist, your phone can and will become your best friend. Answer emails on the fly, get in contact with sources or your boss on the job, map your way to the big event, voice record your source when your audio recorder dies or catch that big event as it happens when you are not on the job.

You might be wondering what this is doing here. Well, it is described as an intangible item and it’s seem as very essential to a broadcast journalist. This intangible item might double as the most essential thing you could get as a journalist. We’ve all been in that situation trying to remember that “great idea” you had earlier. Why not write it down? Carry around this journal to ensure those creative juices never get left behind. “Not everyone has curiosity to continue to find out and be aware and wonder why things are as you go along. That’s what journalism is and where stories come from,” said Perez. As Dustin from Stranger Things would say, never keep your curiosity doors closed.

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