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Top 8 Common ‘Facts’ About Cars That Are Actually Not True, You Need To See Nos 5 & 6

There are so many things you might have heard about cars and regarded them as facts. A number of those things are actually not true. You probably heard them from friends, saw them in movies or any through other platforms. But you never knew they were truly facts as they are painted. Here is an article posted on naijauto that provides insight on how untrue some of the things you regards as facts about cars are.

Car fact #1. Premium fuel is better for your car.
It is necessary to clarify that premium fuel is not of the essence with regular cars. It’s not cleaner or purer, but rather less combustible. In fact, a less combustible fuel is for high-performance vehicles to prevent the engine from knocking. If you fill your performance car with regular gas, you accidentally do serious harm to the engine and cut power, but if your car is a regular one, premium fuel is no better than the one recommended by the owner’s manual.

Car fact #2. Changing oil every 3,000 miles is essential.

This adage is absolutely outdated. Nowadays, most vehicles can go as far as 7,500 – 10,000 miles without an oil change. Mind you, it’s better to follow the carmaker’s recommendation to keep your car in pristine condition.
Car fact #3. You should not use engine oil that’s turned black.
Presently, detergent-dispersant additives are added to engine oils to remove carbon deposits then keeping engine internal parts clean as well as maintaining them in innocuous suspension in the fluid. Thus, your engine oil turning black is just a sign of the oil’s operation. In truth, having carbon deposits in the oil to be drained off is better than depositing them in the engine.

Car fact #4. Hiding behind a vehicle will save you from gunfire.

Do not be completely convinced of Hollywood films. Despite the fact that some bullets is sometimes not powerful enough to cut through steel in old vehicles, we’re unsure what will happen to newer ones. The engine block area is actually a protective cover, yet it’s still a hit and miss. So, be cautious!
Car fact #5. Bullets can make your fuel tank explode.

Hollywood and Nollywood films once again show us that a bullet hitting the car’s gas tank might set off an almighty explosion. However, it’s is something of an overstatement. There is no ignition in the tank, so how can it explode?

Car fact #6. Using A/C is better for fuel economy than letting the windows down.

It is horribly wrong. By contrast, a study carried out by GM and SAE figures out that turning the A/C consumes more fuel than leaving the window open. That said, opening the windows may cause the aerodynamic drag and the engine has to work harder. All things considered, it’s advisable to use the A/C while driving in order to keep yourself alert and more comfy.
Car fact #7. Warming up your car for several minutes before driving is required.
Warming up the engine is essential to make the heat turn on sooner, reduce emissions and cut down your fuel costs as well. Nevertheless, spending up to several minutes on this job is only needful if you own a car with a carburetor, but it has disappeared since the introduction of electronic fuel injection in 1980s. Currently, it takes just around 30 seconds to warm up your car.
Car fact #8. Old cars are safer than new cars

Car fact #4 somewhat tells you that old cars are more protective than new ones. That’s right as their steel frames are more solid to resist impacts than modern vehicles’ economy boxes. However, at the present, cars have been engineered with “crumple zones” that better handle impacts. Beyond that, key safety features like seat belts and airbags, which are absent from classic machines, are fully set up in new model.
So what do you think? Did you believe any of these facts before now or do you dispute any fact here?


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