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Top 7 Countries To Easily Migrate From Nigeria In 2020

With the situation of things in Nigeria getting tough by the day many Nigerians are keeping alive their plans to leave the country for better life elsewhere. This 2020 is that year for several persons to fulfil their dream to migrate from Nigeria to other countries come true.

The quest to leave the country has made Nigerians rank top on the list of widely traveled people in the world. The reason is obvious – “life is hard in Nigeria.”

While life everywhere is hard, there’re certain necessities of life a country should never lack. The majority of those are lacking in Nigeria. For instance, unemployment is on the high side, insecurity is alarming. The low standard of living and societal oppression sum up to give Nigeria away as a bad place to live in.

So, it isn’t entirely surprising why most Nigerians can only find solace abroad. You may just never know the extent the young population goes to ensure they “escape” from the country – they are dead desperate! People want to leave for greener pastures abroad. In this article posted on, the top five countries you should consider migrating to are present with reasons.

Top Countries to Migrate from Nigeria in 2020
So, if you’re looking to relocate from Nigeria this year, you may add any of these countries in your bouquet.

The choice of these countries comes from a few factors. The standard of living in the country is key. The economy, receptiveness to migrants especially people from this end of the world, etc. all sum to position the countries as the strongest picks among a multitude of options.

7. Finland
If all you need is a country that will offer you a relatively high standard of living and peace, then, look to Finland.

Finland boasts one of the most robust economies in the globe. Unemployment is very low in the country. And with its small population, jobs are largely available. So, skilled immigrants are often welcomed with open hands. Aside, Helsinki, there are many modern cities in the country that offer such quality life you can get in other developed countries.

6. The United Arab Emirates
This comes as a surprise, right? Well, believe it or not, the United Arab Emirates is a good country to migrate to from Nigeria.

UAE, one of the countries to migrate from Nigeria

First off, the country is a tax-free nation and maintains a very low crime profile. Recently, it threw open its borders to immigrants from different countries for the purposes of tourism and residency. Though it’s traditionally conservative, it’s by far the most liberal country in the middle east.

Though many believe the country mostly favors Muslim immigrants, UAE is home to millions of Christian migrants from different nations of the world including Nigeria. Its stable oil-rich economy boosts the standard of living in the country.

5. New Zealand
Besides its slightly extreme weather and distance, New Zealand is a nice option for migration to migrate from Nigeria.

The language barrier doesn’t surface as English remains an official language of the country. With a low population of about 5 million people, the country flourishes in peace and good living. Moreover, skilled jobs are available for migrants seeking to settle in the country with good earnings.

Education is of quality but cheap for residents – just as it is in Australia. You can settle and hustle your way up as a Nigerian who is determined to earn high through legitimate means. Also, as it obtains in Australia, citizenship in New Zealand takes a period of 5 years.

4. Sweden

Sweden doesn’t sit at No 4 of the world’s best countries to migrate from Nigeria for nothing. The country has risen to take the top spot in the list of countries to migrate to by foreigners.

The reasons are obvious, Sweden boasts of a hugely developed economy. More so, it’s nearly the most receptive country for immigrants, even often preferred ahead of Canada and Switzerland.

Recently, the government of Sweden opened the borders of the country to refugees from other countries. This gave a huge rise to the population of migrants living in the country. So, as a Nigerian seeking to migrate to Sweden from Nigeria, you are at a huge advantage. Aside from the fact that you would experience low racial discrimination, you would be exposed to bigger opportunities, especially employment.

3. Germany
Aside from the minimal language barrier, Germany is a dream country to settle in as a migrant.

Though it’s relatively populated with about 83 million people, Germany is far less populated than Nigerian. But in terms of development, only a few countries can match it. Its robust economy raises the bar of the standard of living and makes life enjoyable.

If you’re a skilled person or know a thing or two about tech, Germany will welcome you with open hands and accord you the life you dream of.

2. Canada
No doubt, Canada, especially in recent times, has been regarded as a safe haven for migrants from across the globe. Nigerian migrants aren’t an exception.

United Nations rated Canada, a country of 37+ million people, as one of the best countries to live in. The standard of living in the country is high. At least, you are sure of living a comfortable life with good earning to afford much of the basic things of life.

In fact, if you’re a skilled hardworking Nigerian, you are at a huge advantage to earn highly in Canada even more than some indigenes. Like in the Netherlands, the country records low crime and violence rates. So, you have fewer security issues to worry over.

1. Australia
Take away the issue of distance, Australia is by far, the best country to migrate to as a Nigerian.

Australia offers quality life to all, regardless of their racial and religious backgrounds. Its little population of 23.7 million people, distance and slightly harsh weather placed the country at a disadvantage as it hugely lacks skilled labor.

Hence, like Canada, the country is constantly seeking skilled laborers from all countries of the world to help fill many vacant job spaces. Although Australia has lately tightened up its borders by making migrants pay a little high in processing Australian visas or entry into the country. Yet, it receives an influx of migrants from different countries of the world, you can trust Nigerians rank high on the list.

Travel agencies such as Travelwahala explain that they have processed travel inquiry and visa to Australia from Nigeria more than we have for even the United States. Australia is a strong option alongside Canada for Nigerian migrants who fail to make it into the US.

Regardless of what you seek to do in Australia, in so far as it’s legal, you have boundless opportunities open to you.


That’s are 7 good options available to you if you seek to migrate from Nigeria to a very good country in 2020. Begin your plans now.

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