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Top 5 Igbo Language Programme Presenters in Owerri

Local language programme presentation requires not just a mastery of the language but also understanding of the audience, if anyone is to excel in this specialized aspect of broadcasting. To attract the audiences and keep them yearning to listen to your programme always, you need to understand how to choose the best words in packaging a programme to appeal to them. This is why those who are local language programme presenters are often doing a more tasking job than English language programme presenters.

The dwindling interest in Igbo language even by Igbo people makes it harder to excel as an Igbo language programme presenter. Many Igbo speaking people seem to prefer English and Pidgin language programmes more than programmes in their language. So to get audience members to listen to your Igbo programme, you really have to be very good; and there are broadcasters that are actually very good in this business to the extent that they have larger audience members for their programmes than many English language programme presenters. Here is a list of top five Igbo language programme presenters in Owerri. These are among the best On-Air Personalities (OAPs) in the broadcast media landscape in Owerri, and they got to the top through a tougher terrain – local language programme presentation.

5. Ijeoma Nwoke – My Radio 101.1 FM

Ijeoma Nwoke, popularly known as Igolonwanyioma is a very interesting OAP who knows how to keep her audience glued to their radio sets while she is on-air. Her jovial personality is infectious even on radio. This makes listeners want to hear her voice always. She is one of the hottest female OAPs in Imo State with a cute personality that makes her very friendly. Igbo-speaking audience members listen to her programme from all parts of the world especially via social media platforms. This has raised her ranking as the hottest female Igbo programme presenter in Imo State.

4. Samuel Chinazaekpere – Hot 99.5 FM

Samuel Chinazaekpere is one of the very few comedians who also understand how to blend the humour and microphone language to produce captivating presentations. Samuel is popularly known as Mc T-Bomboy by radio listeners in Imo state and beyond. His programme on Hot.99.5 FM Owerri, Ngaga Radio Show which airs from Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 4pm, is one of the most exciting local language programmes on radio, with very huge audience base. His style of giving away free recharge cards during the programme adds excitement that keeps increases listeners to the show. Samuel is a multi-talented OAP who is also a very popular event anchor hired to thrill fans in different parts of the country.

3. Sunny Uma – The Reach 104.9 FM

Sunny Uma is one of the most captivating Igbo programme presenters in Imo State. He is in fact, a talented OAP who makes even those who don’t understand the language to stay glued to his programme because of the atmosphere of relaxation his presentation approach creates whenever he is on air. He hails from Ohafia in Abia State, Nigeria. Sunny is a season broadcaster who is driven by his passion for broadcasting in handling his programmes. He uses his programme to revive the culture and tradition of the Igbo tribe in interesting ways. This captivating OAP was once a TV presenter where he excelled as anchor of very popular programmes – Nkea Anyi programme and Akuko Kpom Kwem. He now anchors Ama m Ebe m Shi, Akuko Ụwa and Ozi Ekele at the Reach FM Owerri. Sunny is a multi-talented OAP with impressive pedigree as an author, entertainer, compère, and event manager.

2. Donald Ekenta – Ozisa 96.1 FM

Donad Ekenta might not be your social media OAP type but the creativity he carries is making many radio listeners happy to be alive and capable of listening to his programmes. Donald is one of the most exciting Igbo language programme presenters in the entire South East geopoitical zone. His handling of Igbo language and the blending of rythymic tones in packaging his message is a unique skill that totally captivates his audience whenever he is on air. Igbo language listeners, especially the middle and old aged segments of the audience in both urban and rural areas do not joke with his programmes at all. Just ask anyone to tell you when to tunne in to Ozisa FM to listen to his programmes, you’ll definitely be glad you did.

1. Chinonso Uba – Ozisa 96.1 FM,  Owerri

Chinonso Uba popularly known by his stage name, Nonsonkwa, is a  native of Umunoha in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo state, South East Nigeria. A graduate of Imo state University, Chinonso is a musician, actor and scriptwriter who has four highlife albums and more than 15 nollywood movies to his credit. He is a corporate Master of Ceremony with over a decade experience in both local and international events. Chinonso is a radio broadcaster whose specialty in Igbo language stands him out among equals in the south east of Nigeria. He has won many awards which include The Best Igbo Presenter Award 2014. Chinonso is a free thinking entity, liberal minded, jovial and accommodating personality.


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