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Top 5 Business Centers At COOU Mini Mart, Igbariam Campus

Business centers are very essential in every academic environment. This is because both students and lecturers are always involved in one form of research almost every hour and they require good hands to do the typing, photocopy and some online research exercise. There are business centers where you would want to strangle the person who typed your work because of so many annoying errors. In some other business centers, you have very lousy attendants who behave as if they are doing the work for you free of charge, no sense of urgency and seriousness. But good business centers with people who have manners, are always the delight of students. There are very good business centers you always go to, not just because they deliver good services, but because of very good attitude and relationship management ability of those who work there.

A research group called “” carried out a study on business centers at the Igbariam campus of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), and came up with this interesting facts.

Here are the top 5 business centers in COOU, Igbariam campus where students have already testified that the workers/owners are exceptional.  There is something about these 5 business centers at the mini mart of COOU Igbariam campus that has made them unique. Anytime you want to do serious work at the mini mart, just check these 5 centers out. We begin with number one.

1. Perazim Resources Center (Oga Chuks)

At the very top is Perazim Resources center. You may be wondering which one is this. Well, the owner is popularly known by his name – Oga Chuks. When you go to the mini mart and ask of Chuks, you will easily be directed to him.

Chuks runs what some have referred to as the number one business center at the mini mart. He is well known across the campus by students and staff. Chuks stands out in various categories. In terms of typing of research papers and project works, Chuks is well known as the very best. He knows all the basic reference styles for virtually every department in the school, whether undergraduate or post graduate programme. So people love typing academic works with Chuks because he points out both in-text and end-of-work reference errors. The way he formats works is exceptionally neat. He also has the phone numbers of some lecturers in various departments such that if he doubts any information regarding the research guide of a particular department, he puts a call across to the lecturers of that department for confirmation. Chuks is also very excellent with online services. He can do online registration, research, documentation and other forms of internet services even without the customer being present. All you need to is put a call through to him and give him the right details.

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In terms of relationship management, Chuks is also outstanding. Reports have it that he even offers tea and other drinks to customers who wait for so long before receiving attention from him. He hardly gets angry with customers and delivers works on time. This study also found that there is an Okpa joint directly opposite Chuks’s office where he directs some customers who have waited for long, to go and be having a good time with Okpa and bottle of malt before he creates time to see them. Perazim Resources Centre is located at No 52 Mini Mart, COOU, Igbariam Campus. Just walk in and get the best.


2. Ifeanyi’s Business Center

At number two is Ifeanyi’s business center. Mr. Ifeanyi is also very popular in COOU, Igbariam campus. Ifeanyi’s top advantage over other business center owners is that he

combines speed of work delivery with engineering services. Ifeanyi is known for very neat jobs and computer repairs. Costumers always go to his office because he gives them good services and also repairs their laptops. He puts them through on how to operate technical aspects of their systems. He is also very good at offering online services such as online registrations, search for materials online, among others.

Ifeanyi is also noted for excellent outdoor services, especially among lecturers. He is ready to appear in your office at the shortest possible time to pick or deliver your work. This includes coming over to do some repairs in your office. Ifeanyi’s office has space and his relationship with students is fantastic. Ifeanyi believes that a good business center is beyond typing works very well, that relationship matters a lot. Again, this study revealed that Ifeanyi is the only business center owner with the highest swag on campus. His dressing, steps and mannerism are classy. In fact, gathered that some female customers are of the opinion that he is the sexiest-looking business center owner at the mini mart of COOU, Igbariam campus. Ifeanyi combines swag and excellent service delivery in his business to achieve goals. His office is Shop 4, COOU Mini MArt. Check him out anytime you need a good work done for you.

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3.  Malachi’s Business Center

At number 3 is Malachi’s business center. Malachi is very popular among students. His greatest advantage is that he has a lot of assistants typing works for him in his shop. So you hardly have your job delayed for any reason. There is always someone available to work for you. Malachi also makes it a priority to train those who work for him in relationship management techniques. Unlike some business centers where you get to and see ladies that lack manners, every lady that works for Malachi makes it a priority to relate with students cordially. And the girls all know the job very well

He also does neat photocopies with different machines always busy due to influx of customers. He also offers passport photo services and his photos are always excellent.

Malachi also does a lot of online works for students. Those who wish to do registrations and embark on online research work find Malachi’s shop very useful. He is also ready to get to any office in school to pick and deliver jobs. That is why lecturers like working with him. Malachi’s office number is Shop 61, at COOU Igbariam campus, just behind Fidelity Bank. Check him anytime you desire good services.


4. Chidoo Computer Center

At number 4 is the very popular Chidoo computer center. Speed and accuracy, including patience with students, are the greatest advantages enjoyed by students who visit Chidoo computer center. This business center offers very good services to students and is noted for the sincerity of the workers. If your work will not be ready they will not tell you to come for it. Chidoo’s jobs are very neat and close to error-free. Students love this business center because Chidoo is noted for treating people as family. Online services are also greatly done here. The office address is Shop 49, Mini mart, COOU, Igbariam campus. If you work once with Chidoo, you will definitely return.

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5. Ify Umunya Solution Center

As the name implies, this is one business center where every problem concerning typing, photocopy and online services are solved. Ify Umunya is noted for being jovial with students especially when they are under pressure. She calms them down and promises to deliver on time for them to beat the submission deadline. Ify’s works are very neat, she knows the job very well. She is also ready to go to offices or hostels to pick up and deliver jobs.

One basic thing students love about Ify’s business center is space. It is not like offices that hardly have room for up to 4 students. Here you relax as very neat job is done for you. Office address is No 86 MIni Mart, COOU Igbariam campus.



What is your view on this ranking? Do you have any contrary opinion or is there any business center you think belongs in this category?




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    There is no doubt or unnecessary perception on the selection made, Research was thoroughly made because I know virtually all computer centres in coou and these five has always distinguished themselves in terms of the quality of work and communication with students… Thank you so much Dr for remembering such subordinate bodies in Coou..God bless

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