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Top 5 Amazing Nigerian Movie Directors You Should See Their Works


There are several ratings of movie directors in Nigeria done by various platforms. Most have captured the very best in Nigerian movie industry while some others identified up-coming directors. There are truly talented directors whose works you should see. Here is a list of five of the top amazing directors in Nigeria you should try all you can to watch any of their movies.

Jade Osiberu

At number 5 is Jade Osiberu. Her debut feature movie, ‘Isoken’, is a masterpiece. Jade tells the story of the universal and overwhelming pressure women and even men, face to get married. The lead actress, Dakore Akande, was featured with some other star-studded actors. She handles the ensemble cast with ease and expertise, while also capturing a visually alluring set. Jade a filmmaker of great quality. She knows how to bring out the best in a script idea and get actors to interpret roles perfectly well.

Asurf Oluseyi

At number 4 is Asurf Oluseyi. He is credited with one of the best movies of 2017 which is “Hell or High Water.” It is a short film aimed at starting a serious conversation on homosexuality in Nigeria. He then came up with his first feature film “Hakkunde,” where he creates a very interesting movie with substance, one that perfectly balances comedy and drama. Oluseyi is a director that truly knows he wants from movies and how to make it happen.

Eric Aghimien

At number 3 is Eric Aghimien. You may not have heard about him but just watch any of his movies first. In fact, try “Slow Country”, one of the best movies of 2017, with well-developed characters and excellent action sequences. On the basis of stunts and special effects, Aighemein has, with films such as “A Mile from Home,” shown that he knows his way around an action film set. He has also positioned himself as one of the best filmmakers in Nigeria.

Akin Omotoso

At number 2 is Akin Omotoso. He is a Nigerian filmmaker tipped to win the country her first Oscar. “A Hotel Called Memory” is one of Akin’s classics. Skilled at using special moments of life to create a visual experience, Akin delivers a silent film that allows its audience to understand it however they deem fit and still be right. He knows how to use suspense-filled plots to engage viewers throughout a movie.

Dare Olaitan

At number one is Dare Olaitan. He made his directing debut with the genuinely funny, entertaining and exceptionally clever crime comedy “Ojukokoro.” Dare’s debut is a masterpiece you should watch. It is a story which revolves around a money-strapped manager of a shady petrol station, who decides to rob his employers. Along the line, the manager discovers that he is not alone in his ambition, giving the movie a sudden twist which viewers are excited about. Olaitan’s Ojukokoro is one of the best movies of 2017.


You have to check out the works of these five directors and see class in them. You may not have heard of them but their words have gone beyond the shores of Africa.


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