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Top 15 Film Production Studios In Nigeria

The film production industry in Nigeria is impressively competing with others across the world. Nollywood which is the third largest film industry in the world (after Hollywood and Bollywood) is benefiting immensely from the good quality film production studios scattered across the country. These studios offer both real life and animation production services, some also engaging in training and production of commercials. There are so many production studios situated in various parts of Nigeria but a few are standing out due to the quality of their works. Here’s a list of top 15 film production studios in Nigeria, an analysis first published on. There may be other studios that are also doing well but these ones have excelled in this business, with some of them becoming household names in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.


1. ROK Studios

ROK Studios is an African film and television studio and production house based in Lagos. The studio is headed by nollywood actress, Mary Remy Njoku. She is in charge of all TV and film Creative Content production. ROK Studios is popular for works like; Birthmark, The Hitch, Hazeezat, Husbands of Lagos, Losing Control, Cougers, and Festac Town.

ROK Studios also has an animation studio called ROK Animations Studios.

2. Golden Effects Pictures

Golden Effects pictures has its headquarters in Lagos. It is owned by nollywood actor, producer, director, Kunle Afolayan. The company specialises in film production, editing, film equipment rentals, and film consulting. It has produced popular films among which are Irapada (Redemption), The Figurine- Araromire, “Phone Swap”, October 1, the chart-topping blockbuster film “THE C.E.O.” and the Africa Magic commissioned trio OMUGWO. Afolayan is among the most successful names in the Nollywood industry and this is reflecting on his production studio.

Contact: 4, Ladipo Kuku Street Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.


3. Mainframe Pictures

Mainframe Pictures is a brand associated top quality and entertaining movies which promote Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and moral values. It is owned by ace cinematographer, Tunde Kilani. It is fondly called Opomulero. The comoanybis known for giving technical support to other production houses both within and outside Nigeria. Among the movies associated with this production house are The Narrow Path, Abeni, Ti Oluwa Nile, Thunderbolt and the recent Dazzling Mirage.

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4. Jungle Filmworks

Jungle Film Works is a household name in the Nollywood industry. It has its headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and the Chief Executive Officer is Seyi Siwoku.
Jungle Film Works has very good track record in the industry. They have produced challenging works particularly in the production of Reality TV shows, Live Concerts and Commercials. They collaborated with writers, directors, producers and other production houses some of which are with Golden Effects pictures on the production of Figurine and Scene one production for Jenifa’s Dairy. They have also worked for some companies such as; NESTLE PLC, GLOBACOM, NB PLC and GSK, to mention a few. Recently Jungle Filmworks invested in over ₦250 Million of film equipment that has provided Support Services through rentals of high-end Lighting and Grip Equipment for international projects done in Nigeria, as required by modern film crews. The company is situated in Lagos Nigeria & Ghana.

Contact: Nigeria, 19 Sobo Arobiodu Street, GRA, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Ghana: E234/3 5th ringway, ringway estate, Accra, Ghana.

5. Koga Studios

This is another big name in the film production industry in Nigeria. Koga Studios is a creative Multimedia Studio which specialises in production of Films, Commercials and Television production of all types. It has an impressive array of Studios, Production Equipments, Post-production Facilities and Support Service. Among the movies produced by Koga Studios are; Heros and Zeros and The Visit, they are also a partner in the production of Kemi Adetiba’s film, the wedding party.

6. Wale Adenuga Productions

Wale Adenuga Productions is a household name in Nigeria, especially due to its classic productions. It is one of the most efficient film and television production companies in the country. They are known for excellent, educative and entertaining programmes such as; Super Story, This Life and the popular sitcom, Papa Ajasco and Company. Wale Adenuga Productions Ltd. I’d a well known production not just in Nigeria but across Africa.

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7. OGD Pictures Ltd

OGD pictures is owned by Tade Ogidan. This is a household name among Nollywood fans in Nigeria and abroad. OGD pictures collaborate with local and international professionals to produce feature films, documentaries, game shows, commercials, TV series. They also provide equipments rental and multimedia support service. Among the popular movies produced by this company are Madam Dearest, Dangerous Twins, Saving Alero, Playing games, and Family on Fire.

8. Anthill Studios

Anthill Studios is another top production company in Nigeria associated with classic movies. It’s owned by nollywood filmmaker, Niyi Akinmolayan. The company has its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria. It offers services in visual media production and post-production with speciality in Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Set extensions, Green Screen Compositing, Visual Effects, Color Grading, Film editing and Mastering. Among the movies produced by this company are Falling, The arbitration and Out of Luck. You should keep in touch with their productions.

9. EbonyLife Films

You must have heard about the movie – The Wedding Party. That’s one of Nollywood’s all-time most popular movies. It was also the highest grossing cinema movie in the country. EbonyLife Films produced that movie. That tells you about the classy level of this company. This is a production company owned by Mosunmola Abudu commonly known as Mo Abudu. They are also known for a successful and widely acclaimed feature film, ‘Fifty’ and other award-winning television programmes. This company is a subsidiary of EbonyLife TV, an entertainment and Lifestyle Television. Among their works are classics such as ‘The Governor’, ‘The Wedding Party’, ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ among others.

Contact: 6 Industrial Avenue Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.


10. Royal Art Academy Production

Royal Art Academy Production is owned by Popular nollywood actress, Emem Isong. The academy is well known in Nigeria for providing continuing education through training in acting, directing, editing and writing. Among the popular films produced by this company are known for their blockbusters such as ‘Weekend Getaway’, ‘Kiss & Tell’, ‘Apaye’, ‘Champagne’, ‘Body Language’ among many others.

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Contact: 4 Adebisi Close, off Ajao, off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

11. DVWORX Studios

DVWORX Studios is another very good film production studio in Nigeria. It is owned by nollywood filmmaker, Femi Odugbemi. Among the services it offers are; providing casts, crew, equipments, security and logistics support for Producers and Filmmakers from across Nigeria and the Continent. DVWORX has produced popular movies among which are; “Like father, like son” (a TV sitcom), Who wants to be a Millionaire?, Life in Lagos, Oui Voodoo, Metamorphosis, Bar Beach Blues, Ibadan -Cradle of Literati, and most recently, another documentary, “Rolling Dollar-A Legend Unplugged. The company has very good hands in all departments of production.

12. Denziot Productions

Denziot Productions is owned by Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Desmond Elliot. It is a Lagos based production and distribution film. Among the popular movies produced by this company are have The place, In the cupboard, Kamara’s Tree, Kidnap, Finding Mercy among others. Elliot applies his experiences as a successful actor in production of quality movies.


TFP is a film production company owner by veteran Nollywood director, Teko Benson. The company is invloved in production of features, documentaries, commercials, equipment rentals, post-production facilities, artiste management. It is a name associated with household classic Nollywood movies.

14. Ossy Affason

A number of classic Nollywood movies have been produced by this company. They include “Witches,” “Scores to Settle,” “State of Emergency,” “Danger Signal,” “Sensational Spy,” among others.

15. Kas-Vid International

This is another popular productions company in Nigeria credited with several good movies among which are “Beautiful Faces,” “Corporate Maid,” “Unforseen” ,“Aki na Ukwa,””Issakaba” “Mr Ibu” and “Last Burial”. The company has very good hands in every department of film production.

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