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Top 10 Viewing Centers In Onitsha

Written By Chidimma Nwobu

The popularity of European football leagues in Nigeria is largely due to availability of viewing centers at the nook and cranny of the country both in urban and rural areas. Some of these viewing centers look like abandoned poultry while some others are very conducive and cosy to the extent that you would feel you’re watching the match at the comfort of your home.

Onitsha, the commercial capital of Southeast Nigeria has a lot of football fans who passionately follow their clubs in Europe. This makes viewing centers serious business in the city, with a number of of them having unique qualities that attract football lovers to watch live games there. There are so many good viewing centers in Onitsha but some standout for certain reasons. Here is list of top 10 popular viewing centers in Onitsha.

10. Game house and Football viewing center Iweka Road Ontisha.

This is the most popular viewing center on the Iweka road axis. Fans of various European clubs take pleasure in watching matches there because of the engaging club discussions and transfer news that are discussed by viewers during and after a match.

9. Uba football viewing center Odoakpu Ontisha.

This is one of the most spacious viewing centers in Odoakpu. It could take more than 200 persons at a time with television sets positioned at strategic pouts for everyone to have a clear view of the game. It is noted for having very good management qualities as there is always a very sound standby generator and viewers problems are promptly addressed.

8. Nairabet and football viewing center Omagba phase 2 Onitsha.

This viewing center combines nairabet services and airing of football matches. It is the delight of fans who also feel like betting as they watch matches unfold.


7. Onyi Viewing Center

At number seven is Onyi viewing center. It is located at No. 16. John Nwadiogbu street, by ourline bus stop Nkpor express. It is the best viewing center in Mpkor express axis. This is because it has many chairs and enough space which could occupy a large number of people. It also has television sets well positioned for everyone to have a good view of the match being shown. You also get club updates from well informed fans who prefer to watch matches in the viewing center.

6. Football Viewing Center, Mgbuka.

This is the best viewing center inside the Mgbuka market. It has huge advantage of being close to traders in the market who can stroll in to watch crucial matches while still expecting customers to show up in their shops. It is very spacious and provides comfort to viewers.

5. Guild Net BetNaija Viewing Center

At number five is Guild Net BetNaija Viewing center located at 96 Awka road Onitcha. A number of viewing centers exist along Awka road but this one provides the best decency, comfort and nice viewing facilities. Your safety is assured for as long as you are watching a match inside. You can also relax and place your online bet while watching a match.

4. Hire Car Wash and Football Viewing Center

At number four is Hire Car Wash and Football viewing center located at No3. Ukpo street Mkpor. Its huge advantage is premised on the fact that those who want to have their cars washed also use the opportunity to watch matches. The viewing center has good facilities, with comfort and warmth that attracts high class personalities who come to do two things at the same time – wash their cars and watch their football clubs play.

3. Paxon Game and viewing center

At number three is Paxon vowing center. It is located at Nri streets, Woliwo street, Woliwo, Onitsha. This is the only viewing center in the area. It is always crowded with fans on big game days, having enough space to accommodate many.


2. Mashy Guest and Sports Bar

At number two is Mashy Guest and Sports Bar. It is located at No. 1 Onumonu street, Awada Ontisha. It is kneon for speciality drinks and fresh pepper soup Fish which fans enjoys while waiting for matches. So it serves as viewing center and social spot where fans sit out to catch fun. The environment is conducive and very safe for even the high class in the society.


1. Ruchum hotel Viewing Center

At number one is Ruchum Hotel, odo Rubber Iyiowa Odekpe Ontisha. This is one of the most expensive viewing centers in Ontisha because of its cool environment and the special treatment people receive while watching football. They sell all kinds of food and drinks which is a form of attraction to customers. They have television all round the viewing hall. This is where even the high class in the society go with their entire family to watch matches.


Next time you drive into Onitsha on a big game day, just locate any of these viewing centers and experience the feeling by yourself.


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