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Top 10 TV Personalities That Farted Loudly On-Air (Hilarious Video)

Farting might not be a bad idea at least to give your health some free period. But when it is done in an embarrassing especially in public manner the person involved will definitely not like what has happened.

Television presenters and personalities are human. They fart like every other human being. So when you see them on air looking elegant it doesn’t remove the fact that they can make mistakes too. Oftentimes, farting loudly in public is an unintentional act but when it is done on a live television programme it might be seen as hilariously inexcusable. Some television presenters have farted loudly while presenting programmes. In some other cases it was their guests that released the massive fart. But in some instances no one owns up to the loud fart. Whatever the case may be it is just a hilarious moment to behold. Here’s a collection of top 10 most hilarious loud farts on a live programme either released by the presenter, the guest or no one actually owned up to the fart.

10. Richard Arnold Farts on Live TV

This is one hilarious but embarrassing moment for ITV’s Richard Arnold. It was during the Good Morning Britain show on ITV. The entire studio was hit with a case of the giggle fits after a suspicious sound came from Richard’s chair. Here’s what happened; Immaculate-looking Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard were chatting to showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold in their lovely studio when all of a sudden, a parp sound is clearly heard. Richard who was stunned by the sound especially the fact that it clearly came from his side, was quick to insist ‘it wasn’t me!’, blaming the noise instead on a squeaky chair. Susanna, could barely say her next line as she was laughing so much. It happened in 2014 but it is a big one to always make the list of top 10 farts on air from television presenters. What a hilarious way to say good morning to Britain. Lol!

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9. Fox News Gretchen Carlson Farts Live on TV

She had concluded the programme and was about to get ready to leave but the fart couldn’t wait any longer. While her co-host was about to say “have a good day”, Gretchen Carlson seemed have a better way to say good buy to the audience – a thunderous fart. Lol!

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8. Swedish News Reporter Farts Live on TV

This is a special case because the reporter had almost succeeded in holding the fart until the end of the show but as she was about to leave, the Fart left first – with a thunderous sound. Probably the fart also wanted to go live on air just like the reporter. It was as if the fart said “how dare you leave without letting me speak on live tv.” The sound must have cancelled out the news items she read. Lol!

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7. BBC News Presenter Farts On Live TV

The BBC is known for everything good about journalism; probably you didn’t know they’re also good on live TV farts as this one here is spectacular. It involved Charlie Stayt of the BBC who couldn’t explain how a quick but loud one escaped from his behind. This happened in 2010 but is ever fresh as one of the top Live-TV farts especially from a great station – the BBC. Just watch the guy’s co-presenter as she turned and looked at the guy’s backside after hearing the bombshell from his backside as if to ask him “what took you so long to let that out?” Lol! Watch his co presenter’s reaction closely. That’s the big fun.

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6. Beautiful Mexican TV Presenter Farts Live On Her Show

This is one hilarious moment on live TV you shouldn’t miss. In fact, this thunderous fart should be enough to convince Donald Trump to raise the wall on the border between Mexico and USA, as one social media user suggested. The incident happened on September 13, 2016 but has remained one of the top 10 live TV farts in the history of television. The incident involved Ingrid Coronsado, a beautiful blonde who was playing a game on her Mexican morning show El Juego Sin Palabras on 6V Azteca.

Dressed to the nines in a fitted red dress, she looked beautiful and elegant, appropriately suited for her role, beaming this infectiously wonderful as she looked at the camera smile until something else reminded her of her other side.

As her guests and co-stars bickered in Spanish, she seemed unsteady on her feet. She tried to regain her composure after nearly losing her footing in her towering peep-toe heels and as she stood up, she accidentally farted loudly. Very hilarious moment which her co-hosts tried to cover up but it was too late. The sound was really ‘camera-friendly’. Lol!

Her unfortunate slip was caught on camera, and was unfortunately for the presenter, clearly audible. She covered her mouth with her hands, clearly stunned by the incident.

Guests, including presenters Tania Rincón and Tabata Jalil, couldn’t help sniggering, seconds after the incident. Despite turning a shade of red to match her dress, she saw the funny side and was seen laughing in the clip. Ever the professional, she soon managed to carry on with the broadcast.

Gosh! That sound was really nice for a reality TV fart! Lol!

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5. Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Farts Live On Air

You could describe this as the ‘best fart from a news anchor’. Megyn Kelly of Fox TV couldn’t even hold herself after the thunderous fart. She also laughed hysterically. The guys back stage couldn’t help but laugh loud too. You have to watch this one. Lol!

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4. Fart in a Meeting on Live TV

At number four is another of such incidents you could describe as a classic fart. It happened in a meeting being shown on live TV. This took place as far back as 2009 but anytime you watch it there’s no way you won’t laugh off your seat. Even the TV hosts behind the camera couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably. But till date no one knows exactly who released the loud fart. Lol!

3. Hilary Clinton Farting During Presidential Debate

This actually happened over a decade ago but it will always make top 10 live-TV farts any day anytime. Hilary Clinton released an unforgettable loud fart during the presidential candidates’ debate with Barack Obama and others. It was truly hilarious. The way other candidates watched her in shock after the thunderous fart will make your ribs crack with laughter.

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2. TV Host Wendy Williams farts during her show

This one happened on the 17th of January 2020 during Friday night sure by high-profile TV host, Wendy Williams. Her fans were left in hysterics after she appeared to let out a loud toot live on-air in the middle of one of her shows.

The 55-year-old media personality, was in the midst of the Hot Topics segment on The Wendy Williams Show when a long fart sound was picked up by studio microphones.

She uncomfortably shuffled in her seat after the boisterous noise was heard but did not address the incident and continued on with her script.

Such incident cannot pass unnoticed by fans that were glued to their television during the programme. Viewers of her show were quick to address the mysterious blast online and many were overwhelmingly amused by the apparent gassy blunder.

One Twitter user wrote: “Can’t sleep cause I can’t stop thinking about Wendy Williams letting out a nasty fart during Friday’s episode of her daytime talk show.”

“Been cackling for 30 minutes at Wendy Williams mic picking up her fart. Like I cannot,” another entertained watcher said.

“Wendy Williams let out the wettest fart on her show yesterday sksksksjs,” a fan Tweeted.

Wendy’s viewers must have had fun watching the host try out her farting skills. Lo1! But she actually denied it on another episode of the show.

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1. Interview with Congressman Eric Swalwell on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews 

This is definitely the number on the list because of the topic that was being discussed and the massive audience that would have been tuned it while the thunderous fart sounded. This happened while an interview with a congressman on Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing was going on. It happened on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews in November 2019, when an interview with Congressman Eric Swalwell was underscored by a relatively loud eruption that could only be identified as a live-TV fart though no one took the blame.

The interview was playing out normally, with California’s Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell on hand to talk about President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing. In the midst of Swalwell making a declaration, a very fart-like sound trumpets through just as the Congressman pauses between the words “cheat” and “election.” It momentarily appears as if Swalwell got tripped up, but he recovers instantly, which made one to wonder whether he was the one responsible, or heard it in his ear-piece; or even none of the above.

The interview clip made immediate rounds after it aired, with many viewers wholly convinced that either Eric Swalwell or host Chris Matthews was responsible for the thunderous fart. It’s the kind of sound that is so very human in nature that people inherently recognize it regardless of the context, even if that context is a live TV interview about one of the biggest political stories of the year.

Cinemablend reports that in the face of the evidence on display, Rep. Eric Swalwell wasn’t quick to take responsibility for the fart. He allegedly denied the possibility that his behind was the one that let loose on the air, according to a BuzzfeedNews reporter.

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