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Top 10 ‘Sexiest’ Male On-Air Personalities In Anambra State

The personality of presenter could sometimes play crucial roles in attracting viewers to his programme. The broadcast media landscape in Anambra Sate is blessed with a lot of handsome and charming male personalities On Air Personalities (OAPs). The big question here is how do you know if a radio OAP is ‘sexy’ or hot since you only get to hear his voice? Or you could ask “What really makes a man sexy or hot? Good questions.

Firstly, the idea of what makes a man attractive or sexy can be difficult to clearly epalin because the criteria differ, based on who is judging. Generally, a man can be labelled ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ if he has certain physical attributes that are appealing, and are especially capable of ‘turning ladies on’. Among such attributes are an attractive masculine figure, handsome face, firm abdominal muscles, charming voice, smooth skin, nicely shaped lips, etc. So you get it now; the ‘charming voice’ aspect could play huge role in determining whether a male radio presenter is ‘sexy’, hot or charming. Ladies long to meet this guy because of his programme, the charming voice, and above all, his exquisitely gorgeous on-air and off-air personalities.

The guys on the list meet the criteria both on-air and off-air. You can ask their female listeners to confirm this position. These guys are the hottest male OAPs in broadcast media industry in Anambra State, confirmed to be so by huge number of female audience members. Their manly voices have made many mostly the ladies have their ears glued to the radio stations. They are a mixture of intelligent, witty, funny, informative but mostly ‘sexy’ features. Ladies admire them behind the scene. There are several other male OAPs that are gorgeously hot and sexy but here’s the list of top 10 picks by female listeners across the state and beyond.

10. Chinonso Emmanuel Ekuma – Sapientia 95.3 FM, Onitsha 

Chinonso Emmanuel Ekuma is another hot OAP in Anambra State. He works with Radio Sapientia 95.3 FM Onitsha. He is a graduate of Ebonyi state university, Abakaliki, where he studied Mass communication. Ahec, as popularly called, hails from Echialike Ikwo, Ebonyi state, Nigeria. He is an Entertainer with style. He airs a very interesting and mind-blowing programme known as “Campus network” every Saturday at 2:00pm; which informs the audience about their desired higher institutions, their cut off marks and resumption dates. His charming voice is one of the major attractions to female listeners of his shows. When you meet him at events off air, you still confirm why he will always make the top ten list of hot and ‘sexy’ male OAPs in Anambra State.

9. Jude Aguzie – Sapientia 95.3 FM

Jude Aguzie popularly known as J.J Agada Aguzie is a versatile performer who combines Music, Dance and News Presentation. He is multi-talented and national award winning Playwright who has written short stories and Documentaries. J.J Agada Aguzie holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre and Film Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He hails from Urualla in Ideato north local government area of Imo state and currently works as an OAP in Radio Sapientia FM 95.3 FM Onitsha, Anambra state. He co-presents “Sapientia Fan Zone” with Ifeanyi Orakwue. Jude has a charming on-air and off air personality which excites female listeners behind the scene. He is truly among the hottest male OAPs in the state.

8. Ifediora Victor Tagbo – Blaze 91.5 FM, Oraifite

Ifediora Tagbo has an infectious smile that charms ladies even on radio. When you see him physically and attempt to match his exciting voice on radio you will immediately notice why he naturally fits into the top ten hottest OAPs in Anambra State. Ifedioara is one of the most prolific sports presenters in Anambra state. His presentation style is lively, especially whenever he engages other members of his sports gang in current discussions in sports at local and international level. He presents sports programmes on Weekdays in English language from 9am to 10am and in pidgin English in the evenings from 5pm to 6pm. Ifediora and his sports gang keep so many listeners always tuned to Blaze 91.5 FM. So if you want to checkout why ladies think Ifediora is a charming personality just tune in to any of these programmes to confirm this fact.

7. Ifeanyi Orakwue – Radio Sapientia 95.3 FM, Onitsha

Ifeanyi Orakwue, popularly known as “Huge man with a huge voice”, hails from Umuoji, in Idemili local government area of Anambra state. He holds a B.sc in Geology from UNN. Huge man presents different programmes for Radio Sapientia 95.3 FM, Onitsha but he has great passion for sports. That’s also why he is the Anchor man of sports programme in the station. The programme widely known as “Sapientia Fan zone” is scheduled Mon. – Fri. at 1pm to 3pm each day. The programme is co-anchored by J.J Agada Aguzie. When you listen to any programme anchored by the Huge man and closely observe how female audience members are excited to be part of the phone-in section, you will know that he is really ‘hot’ on air.

6. Francis Seibofa – Gist 103.5 FM

Francis Seibofa also known as “Mister me” hails from Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa state. Francis has one of the most charming voices on air. This is probably why his programmes always have huge audience base among programmes aired on Gist 103.5 FM, Ogidi. Francis graduated from Osun state university where he studied Linguistics & Communication. He airs a programme from Mondays to Fridays known as “Early riser” at 6:00am to 9:00am. The programme looks at weather report, wake-up calls, discussion and inspirational quotes. Mister me is currently an OAP at Gist Radio station 103.5 FM Ogidi, Anambra state. He is a lover of Soccer, teaching and research works. He does not know the growing number of ladies who appreciate his personality.

5. Franklin Ebuka Okonkwo – Blaze 91.5 FM, Oraifite

Franklin Okonkwo is among the most charming OAPs on Blaze 91.5 FM, Oraifite. Though he handles one of the most engaging current affairs programmes in the station – Issues – the heated nature of the programme does not affect his charming personality. Franklin knows how to put his guests on the spot to the delight of listeners. The programme ‘Issues’ is so informative that Franklin has become a household name in Anambra State and beyond where the station is received. He is popular among various
segments of the audience because his programmes cut across every aspect of the
society, from politics, social engagement radio forums, to religion and current
affairs through newspaper review. Other programmes he anchors are ‘Office of the
Citizen’, ‘Hour of Divine Truth’, and ‘Make The Light Dey Shine’. He is also a
newscaster and handles newspaper review programmes for the station sometimes.
Franklin who joined Blaze 91.5 FM in 2013, is adjudged ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ by a good number of his female listeners.

4. Onyeka Oreki “Shaka Zulu” Gist 103.5 FM, Ogidi

Onyeka Oreki has a gentle, charming and hot on-air/off-air personality. He is popularly known as “Shaka Zulu”. He hails from Ogidi in Idemmili north local government area of Anambra state. Onyeka He studied Mass communication in I.M.T (Information Management Technology) Enugu state. He is a popular OAP who currently works at Gist 103.5 FM Ogidi, Anambra state. He airs a number of programmes, specifically “Ka osi mee” which educates, informs and enlightens the audience every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00pm. Shaka Zulu’s hobbies are Singing and Dancing. He is an interesting OAP to listen to because of his passion for his job. The soft touch approach which ladies adopt when calling in to air their views on his programme shows he has a charming personality which also keeps the ladies glued to his show.

3. Kasiemobi Ejikeme ‘Kassy De Classy Man’ – Blaze 91.5 FM, Oraifite

Kasiemobi Ejikeme does not just look charming, he also has an infectiously sexy voice that is magical on air when ladies listen to him. It was gathered that a number of
female listeners practically ‘pass out’ on hearing his voice on radio.  Kasie is one revelation that stunned both his listeners and former classmates when he joined Blaze 91.5 FM. Those who were in school with him could not initially recognize his voice when they first heard it on air. There was total transformation. Kasie who goes by the studio name ‘Kassy De Classy Man’ presents an entertainment programme entitled Musimag. He also anchors another programme on Saturday called Sound and Spirit. Kassy as he is fondly called, has what has been described by some female listeners as one of the sexiest voices coming from a male OAP in Anambra State. Kassy is one of the
emerging OAPs in the Southeast media landscape.

2. Freshman Jay Nwanze – Sapientia 93.5 FM

Jay Nwanze is another very popular and charming OAP in Anambra State. He is an opinionated OAP who knows local/international entertainment history and equally masters current affairs on his palm. He is the author of the book “Heart to Heart” which is widely sold in Southeast and beyond. His passion to help hurting souls to heal geared him towards inventing a heart-warming programme known as “Heart to Heart talk” every Thursday at 8:00pm on Radio Sapientia 95.3 FM; where he lectures about love, relationship and heartbreak. The nature of the programme he anchors further shapes his personality as ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’. Probably that’s why his ‘Heart to Heart’ programme is among the most popular in the state, with a huge number of female listeners. Freshman has worked with Madonna University Radio, Lion FM, Radio Nigeria Unity FM; and currently working in Radio Sapientia 95.3 FM Onitsha, Anambra state. Freshman is truly a very popular OAP in Anmbra state and beyond.

1. Clive Sugar George Brila 88.9 FM

At number one is Clive Sugar George a.k.a “The Sugar man”. He is a sports presenter with 88.9 Brila FM Onitsha, Anambra state. Sugarman is not just the hottest male OAP in Anambra State but will surely make the list of top 10 ‘sexiest’ OAPs in Nigeria. This is the only OAP in Nigeria who anchors a sports programme with a voice that naturally ‘charms’ ladies, making his show the sports programme with the highest number of female listeners in the entire South Eastern He is a vibrant and exciting presenter who delivers sports programmes, especially football shows, in a unique way to the extent that even those who are not really football lovers feel the need to listen to the programme. His programmes are usually mid-days and evenings. His programme “Popular Side” is a household show among football fans in the entire Anambra state. Sugar man, also known as Double Sugar George is easily the best sports presenter in the state, and indeed the entire southeast Nigeria. If you listen to him once you will surely want to keep tuning in to his shows. Sugarman has on-air and off-air personalities that reflect his name. Ladies who listen to his programmes will tell you this for free.


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