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Top 10 Reasons Why a Male Journalist Shouldn’t Marry a Female Journalist

Journalists are normal people and one can be in relationship with them. Sometimes journalists can be difficult to date. This is not because they are not nice but because they are simply ‘journalists’. Journalists barely have the time to date; they can be scatter-brained, sometimes sleep-deprived, occasionally loud and busy. They barely have time for other things aside from their jobs always have to deal with pressure from their boss and deadlines, so dating could be difficult for them because they barely have the time. It becomes more pressing when they decide to date or marry their fellow journalist. Two people who have little or no time for each other, two people who are stressed out, sleep-deprived, etc.

The relationship or marriage between a male and a female journalist could be difficult. Yes they would have an understanding for each other’s job seeing as they are from the same business world and they understand how it goes but this understanding becomes strained when they both begin to cancel on each other last minute, if they have kids, the children may begin to feel neglected as there is little or no time for them to spend with their parents.

Here are top 10 reasons why a male journalist should not marry a female journalist:


1) They barely have time for each other: In a marriage where both husband and wife are journalists, they will have little or no time for each other. In a situation where both are under pressure from their Boss and working with deadlines, they will hardly have time for each other. At the end of the day they are both tired and might just go straight to bed and prepare for another busy day ahead. No time to spend together, have fun and just chill. One could say that since they are both journalists, they would understand each other’s job demand but for how long.


2) When they are both ‘Inquisitive’: when both the husband and wife are too curious, overly interested and eager to acquire knowledge, it could pose as a marital issue. Generally journalist are inquisitive which is why they are relentless in the pursuit of knowledge and are always eager to unearth the hidden secret. But when this inquisitive nature is brought back home, it could become a serious challenge as nobody wants to give up, they both find each other’s decision suspicious, husband and wife becomes too curious, that’s a bad combination.




3) There is no one to tell each other to take a Break: As Journalists, they don’t see it, they feel like they are just doing what they have to do to get the job done even when they are at their wits’ end. When two journalist get married, they are both engrossed in their job and no one can tell each other to rest for while and that if they don’t get some sleep, their bodies will literally shut down. There is no one to grab each other and encourage one another. They are both Journalist and feel like we are both facing the same thing so let’s suck it up and do our job.


4) The Children are affected: When both Mummy and Daddy are journalists, it could affect the life of their children. Who will pick them up from school, help with their homework, monitor their activities and basically be there for them. They might just be left at the mercy of their nanny and end up depriving the kids from that motherly and fatherly care.


5) Risk: Because Journalism involves digging deep and exposing every wrong done and hidden away from the society. When a couple is involved in journalism especially the investigative aspect of Journalism, the family could be at risk since they would have made a lot of enemies along the line and always have to look over their shoulders at all times.


6) They could also face Financial Issues: In a situation where couples practice journalism in a state or country where they are not paid well, the family could face financial crisis. But if one person is working elsewhere or is engaged in another job that pays better, money would flow better.





7) They are Ridiculously Observant: In a marriage where both man and wife are journalist, they become too observant. People with alike personalities and nature may not be good together in a marriage. They can both tell when each other is lying, when you are speaking from your heart and when you are just bored. They are trained to sense the tone of people and can observe each other from a distance.


8) They are never at a Place: Because of the nature of their job, they are never at one place; they can be here one minute and there the other minute. As married people there need to be some form of stability and if both husband and wife are always moving from place to place, it could affect their children.


9) They will lack that ‘deeper’ connection: In a marriage where both the husband and wife are both journalist, they will lack that understanding of each other. They will understand each others Job well but still fail to understand each other and connect on a deeper level because they barely have time for each other.


10) They could both be ‘Messy’: Some people can be well organized irrespective of the little time they have to themselves and what they are facing. In the case of a journalist who is always on a deadline and pressured most of the time, always here and there on assignments, it could make that person messy and unorganized. Now when two people in a marriage are both messy and unorganized, it could pose as a challenge to them. They could forget each other’s birthday, their anniversary and even their children’s birthday which could make the kids feel neglected.


These are just reasons why two journalists should not get married but if you can cope with all these challenges and work around it, then go for it.

Written by Teniola Egbuwalo

(Teniola is a committed writer with passion for timeless feature articles. She is an experienced journalists with depth knowledge of how to write for on and off line news platforms.)

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