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Top 10 On-Air Personalities In Nigeria That Graduated From COOU

On-Air Personalities (OAP) are making waves in Nigeria today not just based on
their studio activities but the things they do outside the studio, particularly their
social media engagements. Once you become popular on radio or television and
the audience love your programme the sky becomes your limit. You are treated as
a VIP at events and invited to motivate younger people in the society. Your
comments are held in high esteem because of the image you have built as an OAP.
Names such as Toke Makinwa, Ifedayo ‘Daddy Freeze’ Olarinde, and Tolulope
‘Toolz’ Oniru, are popular in Nigeria and these people grew to stardom as OAPs.
It’s really huge to be a successful OAP.
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), formerly Anambra State
University, has some of her ex-students who have worked as OAPs on radio and
television at some point after graduation. Some have moved on while some are still
on the job. We compiled a list of the hottest OAPs who graduated from COOU and
are amazing broadcast media audience across the nation with their captivating
programmes and performances on air. Here is a list of Top 10 OAPs that graduated
from COOU.

9. Jovita Amaka Ezeuchu – City Radio 89.7 FM Onitsha

Jovita She works with City Radio Onitsha. Listeners know her as Jovywizzy; that’s
her studio name. She anchors a programme called ‘Quintessential Sport’, and co-
hosts ‘Lines and Lyrics’ with another presenter. She is also a newscaster in the
station. She graduated from Department of Mass Communication, COOU in 2014.
Jovita’s voice transformed tremendously with her personality after she joined City
radio. Her listeners are impressed by her programmes.


8. Kasiemobi Ejikeme – Blaze 91.5 FM, Oraifite

Kasiemobi Ejikeme is one revelation that stunned both his listeners and former
classmates when he joined Blaze 91.5 FM. Those who were in school with him could
not initially recognize his voice when they first heard it on air. There was total
transformation. Kasiemobi who goes by the studio name ‘Kassy De Classy Man’
presents an entertainment programme entitled Musimag. He also anchors another
programme on Saturday called Sound and Spirit. Kassy as he is fondly called, has
what has been described by some female listeners as one of the sexiest voices
coming from a male OAP in Anambra State. It was gathered that a number of
female listeners practically ‘pass out’ on hearing his voice on radio. Kassy who
graduated from Department of Mass Communication, COOU in 2016 is one of the
emerging OAPs in the Southeast media landscape.


7. Cassandra George Emenuga – Solid 100.9 FM, Enugu

Cassandra is one of the voices radio listeners in Enugu are fond of. Listeners don’t
just hear her voice, they feel it. Somehow there’s something about her voice that
makes it one of the few listener-friendly voices in the city. Cassandra whose studio
name is Cassy George, anchors early morning breakfast show ‘The Morning Crow’
from Monday to Friday (5am-8am). So listeners wake up listening to her every
week day. She also handles the ‘Girly Girly Show’ on Wednesdays (9pm-10pm)
and ‘Soul Sistaz’ every Sunday (2pm-4pm). Cassandra graduated from Department
of Mass Communication, COOU in 2015 and joined Solid 100.9 FM in 2017. You
should try to listen to one of her programmes when you visit Enugu to understand
amazing transformation into an emerging OAP in Nigeria.


6. Onekanma Utonwanne – Alpha Radio 106.5 FM, Nnobi

Onekanma could be described as a silent achiever. People like her take the world by storm once they get announced and it won’t take long before she breaks through the ranks, to become one of the most reputable OAPs in Nigeria.

Onekanma whose studio name is ‘Yuteebeauty’ is a pioneer staff of Alpha Raio 106.6 FM, among the hands that laid the foundation for the upcoming radio station to commence. She anchor’s “Campus Modules” and “Healthy Living” for the station, two programmes which are among the most sought-after shows aired by the station. She graduated from the department of Mass Communication in 2011 and joined the radio station and a pioneer staff in 2015. Onekanma is one of the voices giving the station a competitive edge among listeners in Anambra state.


5. Jennifer Mukosolu Nzom Umeobieli – Odenigbo 99.1 FM, Onitsha

Jennifer is one of the most popular OAPs in Onitsha working with a very popular
radio station in the city – Odenigbo 99.1 FM. One thing special about this OAP is her studio name. Most listeners freak out when they hear her studio name for the
first time – Asamaluover. Wow! This is hot! It was gathered that a number of
listeners are glued to their radio sets when her programmes are on, just to keep
hearing her studio name ‘Asamaluover’ mentioned on air!
Jennifer joined Odenigbo FM in 2014 the same year she graduated from
Department of Mass Communication, COOU. She anchors ‘Na wa o’ which airs
every Monday to Friday (1pm to 2pm) and ‘Igbo ga adi’ on Mondays And Fridays (3pm to
3.35pm). She is also a newscaster in the organization. In fact, ‘Asamaluover’ is
keeping many listeners happy and informed with her captivating performance on

4. Flora Obiamaka Ifechi Umenweke – Orange 94.5 FM & OSRC TV, Akure

Flora is an On-air personality whose off-air appearance is as stunning as her voice.
Even when you are about to leave a place and her programme comes on, you
would want to sit back and listen to her voice because it is captivating. Her radio
name is ‘dangerously’ infectious. She is called ‘Pink Doll’ and her voice sounds
like paradise on air. Some people even say that listening to her voice makes you
feel you’re being transported to Dubai. Flora has amazing on-air and off-air
personalities which made her one the most popular OAPs in Ondo State, with her
programmes now the delight of listeners.
‘Pink Doll’ works for Orange 94.5 FM & OSRC TV (Ondo State Radiovision
Corporation Television) both owned by the state government. She graduated from
Department of Mass Communication, COOU as Flora Iweanya in 2011 and joined
the radio and TV stations as a National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) member in
2012. Her overwhelming performance led to her ultimate appointment as a
permanent staff in the state government owned media house after her NYSC
programme. On TV, Flora the ‘Pink Doll’ anchor’s “Law and Justice” and “AM

Today” which is a daily breakfast programme. On radio, she anchor’s “Business
Guide”, “The Law”, “Face to Face”, “Orange Classics”, and an Igbo programme
“Ya gazie”. She is also a newscaster. Flora is the Head of Current Affairs of the
media organization. It is important to note that Flora’s radio name ‘Pink Doll’ is
heard by some listeners even in their sleep. That name is hot! ‘Pink Doll’!!! You
need to listen to her voice on air. It truly sounds like it’s from a Pink Doll.

3. Franklin Ebuka Okonkwo – Blaze 91.5 FM, Oraifite 

Franklin has one of the most feared voices on air especially among politicians.
This is because of the nature of questions he asks guests during a popular
political/current Affairs programme he anchors entitled ‘Issues’. Franklin knows
how to put his guests on the spot to the delight of listeners. The programme
‘Issues’ is so informative that Franklin has become a household name in Anambra
State and beyond where the station is received. He is popular among various
segments of the audience because his programmes cut across every aspect of the
society, from politics, social engagement radio forums, to religion and current
affairs through newspaper review. Other programmes he anchors are ‘Office of the
Citizen’, ‘Hour of Divine Truth’, and ‘Make The Light Dey Shine’. He is also a
newscaster and handles newspaper review programmes for the station sometimes.
Franklin graduated from the Department of Mass Communication, COOU in 2011
and joined Blaze 91.5 FM in 2013.


2. Adaolisa Adirika – Kiss 98.9 FM, Lagos

Adaolisa is the presently the Head of News and Current Affairs Department at Kiss
98.9 FM, Lagos. She began her career broadcasting in January 2013 at Blaze FM
Oraifite. While at Blaze FM, Adaolisa was a household name in the State and
beyond because of the soft touch her voice gives to hard news. The she also anchored weekend programmes – “No Place Like Home” and “Praise Temple”.
She was also a news presenter and editor at the station.
Adaolisa moved to the Lagos office of Kiss 98.9 FM, sister station to Blaze FM, in
2016 where she rose to a managerial position due to her impressive pedigree in
broadcasting. At Kiss FM, she anchors a Sunday programme “Sunday
Sermontonic” and regularly presents news, which is one aspect of the job that she
expertly does to the delight of listeners. She graduated from the Department of
Mass Communication, COOU in 2008 and her transformation into a thrilling OAP
is an inspiration to other younger graduates and students of her alma mater who see
her as an angelic role model.


1. Betty Egedo – TVC, Lagos

Betty Egedo is one OAP who is very popular among big names in Nigeria’s
entertainment industry by virtue of her status as the TVC red carpet host. Her
gorgeous and awe-inspiring on-air personality has translated to an elitist off-air
personality because she constantly mingles with the classy in the society due to the
nature of programmes she handles at TVC – “Event Diaries” and” Red Carpet”.
She also produces “Kiddies Continental Show” and “Art Express”.
Betty is not just an inspiration to students and graduates of her alma mater, she is
also a charming motivator and an alluring public speaker whose various television
images on different programmes and presence as anchor of off-air events in the
society spark-off the desire to achieve greater heights among young viewers. Betty
graduated from the Department of Mass Communication in 2014 and joined TVC
shortly after her NYSC.

Betty is an exceptional OAP who is also assisting younger fans and friends to become entrepreneurs especially on businesses related to the entertainment and events lines. Betty uses her amazing on-air personality to energize her habitual motivational activities. She owns a successful events organization called ‘Hoorahville Events’ with over 40 staff employed by the firm. Her on-air and off-air personalities which are impressive contributed immensely to the success of Hoorahville Events which now handles events planning and execution jobs across Nigeria. Betty is truly an inspirational OAP.

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