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Top 10 Night Clubs in Enugu

Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State is a good destination for relaxation and lighter-mood activities.The city is another hub of entertainment and social activities in Nigeria, especially in the Southeast. After the day’s business and work people ease off stress by retiring to Night life activities one of which is clubbing. So if you’re driving through the city or you’re in the Southeast for any reason and you feel like hopping into a night club for a remarkable experience, there are standout destinations you should checkout. Note that most of the night clubs you may have heard of or you probably see online are no longer functioning. This list is made up of those currently functioning with standout qualities. Here is a list of top 10 night clubs in Enugu.

Toscana Night Club

One of the best places to club in Enugu is Toscana night club which is right inside one of the best hotels in the State, Toscana hotel. It is situated at no 1 Aguleri Street, Enugu. This night club is classy and has very good security. You can enjoy the warmth of the hotel with exceptional accommodation facilities and club at the same time. The DJays at the hotel know how to keep their audience excited throughout the night.

Platinum Lounge
This is another relaxation center with a very nice night club popular among residents of Enugu. So if you’re new in town and you’re looking for a good nice club checkout Platinum lounge and find out why so many people like clubbing there. Platinum lounge is located at #1 Platinum Close, Beside Enugu State House of Assembly Complex, Presidential Road, Independence Layout, Enugu.


Extreme club

Extreme Lounge & Sports Bar has one of the  popular night clubs in the coal city you can checkout. It is located at number 10A Igboeze St, Independence Layout, Enugu. Environment is always cozy with nice music from top DJays in town.

Timeless Lounge
Timeless Lounge offers one of the best clubbing faculties in Enugu. It is located at No 1 Nigandi Avenue, The glasshouse immediately after Ascot hotel , upper chime, New Haven, Enugu. You won’t find unfriendly crowd here at all. The atmosphere is cozy with good music coming from experienced DJays to keep you company and active late into the night. Security is also very reliable.

Club La Crest

Club La Crest is among the biggest and the most exclusive night clubs in Enugu. It features state of the art facilities with a premium and world class design. The environment will definitely make you love your night experience. The DJays know how to captivate the audience very well. Another very great feature of this night club is very tight security which makes you feel very safe to have fun all night. The club is located at Plot 6 Ocean drive off 3 Nkpokiti road, by Carwash Presidential road junction, Enugu.

Best Western Night Club
Best Western Plus Enugu Hotel has one of the most classy nightclubs in Enugu. The hotel is located 6 miles from Ngwo Pine Forest and boasts a very good night club and a community pool. The cozy hotel accommodation is an advantage as it provides opportunity for those who want to lodge in nice accommodation to also enjoy the clubbing facilities within the same premises. Nice environment, great security, no unnecessary crowd, good music from nice DJays, are among the many features that make the night club unique.

Ballroom Night Club

Ballroom Night Club/Lounge/Grill/Bar is among the best in Enugu. It’s high taste has continued to attract fun lovers from the expatriate and local community in Enugu. The club has raised the bar of Club tourism in the Coal City and customers love this a lot. Ballroom club. is located at No.1 Ebeano Estate, Pocket Layout, Enugu. Those who have clubbed at this place have given it a very good grade especially due to the exceptional DJays providing pleasurable jamz and the security in this place. Don’t forget that security is very essential in a night club so if you find a club with nice DJay, spacious dance floor, and very tight security, then that’s a plcace to be. This is exactly what Ballroom Night club offers you so take a trip to that place and share the wonderful experience with others.

One more fantastic thing about Ballroom NightClub/Lounge/Grill/Bar is that is has one of the the best website in the hospitality industry in Enugu. Just visit their website and get any information you want about the club.

Lift Nightclub

Another amazing clubbing destination in Enugu is Lift Nightclub. It is located at Independence Avenue, New Haven, Enugu. It ranks as one of the classy nightclubs with good security, nice music from top DJays and spacious environment. We gathered that this night club is currently being refurbished by a new owner who wants to make the facility unbeatable. You should checkout this night club to experience extreme fun by yourself.

2Nite Club

This is ranking among the best night clubs in the entire Southeastern Nigeria. 2Nite club is located at No.1 Aguleri street, Independce layout, Enugu. It is owned by highlife singer, Flavour. It is not just a club but a perfect hangout with a cozy, well secured atmosphere. This club changed the face of night activities in the coal town of Enugu after it was established. It boasts spacious and very neat environment (inside and outside), modern clubbing facilities, water-tight security, VIP area and fully air conditioned halls among others. Ask anyone who knows about clubbing in Enugu to mention very few good clubs in the coal city for you to visit. 2Nite club will be too on that list. The club is open from 9pm to 5am on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


This is our list for now. We intend to keep updating the list as more top quality night clubs spring up in the city. If you think there’s a night club that should be on this list do let us know.



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