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Top 10 Night Clubs In Asaba

Asaba, the Delta State capital is always a good destination for relaxation and lighter-mood activities.The city is another hub of entertainment and social activities in Nigeria where after the day’s business and work people ease off the day’s stress by retiring to Night life activities one of which is clubbing. So if you’re driving through the city or you’re in a neighbouring town and you feel like hopping into Asaba for a remarkable time in a night club, there are a handful of standout destinations you should checkout. Here is a list of top 10 night clubs in Asaba.


10. LOUNGE 7.

Lounge 7 is a fine club in Asaba. The club is noted for always having Special but expensive drinks they serve to the clubbers. It also has tight security and we’ll trained personnel. Lounge 7 is located at No 28,Wilfred Iwene Street, off DBS road Asaba.



Club Cocoon is highly known for their low tolerance of miscreants. The club is also noted for having high presence of security officials to guard the club. There’s an exquisite bar but one unique quality is that they  always play nice music. Club cocoon is located at No 3,Ogochukwu Moyeta Street, off Summit/DLA Road, Asaba.


Klique Lounge is one of the happening night clubs in Asaba where men seeking to relieve themselves of the day’s stress and have fun go to. The club gives out freebies to the clubbers, they also have talented dancers that thrill the audience. Klique lounge is located at No 4,Summit road off DLA road Asaba.


Empire Lounge is another “Enjoyment” arena. As the name implies it’s for “Emperors and Empresses”. The club has well trained staff that serve the clubbers and has tight security. Empire lounge is located at No 6 Okpanam road Asaba.


M & C lounge/club is widely known for their exquisite bar and having top notch materials such as sound systems and a stand-by DJ to thrill their customers. It is a place you could dance till morning without feeling it. Security is also very tight and there’s an absence of miscreants at the club. M& C lounge is located at No 15 Chief Vincent ohemekaro Street, Asaba.


Level 9 lounge is another club in Asaba known for hosting recognition night parties where regular customers who patronize the club are celebrated. Level 9 lounge is located along DBS road Asaba. Security network is superb. There services are very nice too.


Didoz lounge is the club where “everything” happens. The creme de la creme in Asaba troop to Didoz lounge to chill and have fun because of their highly organized structure. They also have a strippers section where girls dance to entertain the clubbers. It is located at No 40 DBS road Asaba.


Good fellas Lounge is the third on our list. It is famous for its themed night Club where everyday has its theme. People dress according to the theme in the air-conditioned club and dance and have fun all night . It is located at DBS road Asaba.


Press play lounge is another good club located at DBS road opposite local government commission, beside the games Asaba. It is remarkable for playing mostly local and native music which attracts a lot of people who dance to the music and are entertained to their delight. Security is very good at the club.


At number one is Redson lounge. It is easily the best club in Asaba. It is also among the newest clubs in Asaba. It is located at the popular Asaba Shopping Mall. The club is noted for its famous Disc jockey (DJ) Dj Consequence who dishes out music from the blasting speakers to the delight of the clubbers who dance all night. The club also has stand-by bartenders ready to dish out drinks to the clubbers. They open from 9pm everyday. Security at the club is very tight with a very nice environment. Miscreants are also absent at the club.

So when you drive into Asaba, just hope into any of these clubs and feel the fun described here.

Written By Wisdom Okpara

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