Top 10 Nigerian S3x Videos that Stunned Social Media in 2019

Sex videos are recorded by friends to continue viewing what they regard as pleasurable experiences long after the action. It’s not in all cases that sex videos are recorded secretly or under duress. Some partners agree to record their extremely intimate experiences. But none of them probably expects it will be leaked to the public without the consent of everyone involved in the video.

Some sex videos were leaked online in 2019 taking Social media users in Nigeria by storm.

These sex videos involving Nigerians shook the internet community in the country. Here’s a list of top ten sex videos that took the social media community in Nigeria by storm in 2019. These videos are so raunchy that we will not replay them here.

6. Two bank staff caught in action at UNILAG branch of their office

At number six is the sex video involving two bank staff who were having a romantic time out after the day’s hectic work. Multiple reports state that the incident allegedly took place at the branch of a new genera bank at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). A Twitter user, @princeebuka7, took to his social media handle to share the video of the staff of the new generation banks having sex while on night duty.

According to the user, the randy staff work at the University of Lagos branch of the bank.
In the video, the bank worker and the lady he intends to lay with were seen touching each other romantically before he drew the window blinds up to finish up the sex romp. Both of them never knew that some students of the University were filming the action from outside the building.

5. Man Spotted Having Sex With A Secondary School Girl In Lagos Workshop

A man was caught on camera while having sex with a secondary student in a mechanic workshop.
According to the Facebook user who first uploaded the information, the incident allegedly happened in a mechanic workshop in Lagos.
It was reported that the schoolgirl engaged in a sexual intercourse with the muscled man while she was meant to be in school.
The pair were spotted and filmed from another building close to the workshop. The video went viral shortly after it was uploaded.

4. Two Secondary School Students Having Sex in a Backyard in Festac, Lagos

At number four is the sex video of two students caught pants down in the backyard of a compound in Festac, Lagos.
The two students probably never knew they were being filmed while engaged in the act, though the closeness of the person recording the incident could indicate that they were aware they were being recorded but never expected it to be leaked online.

According to multiple online reports, the incident took place at a backyard in Festac area of Lagos.
The identities of the students were not given by the Facebook user who uploaded the video. It was shared repeatedly until it buzzed the internet. This video made the fourth position on our list of most popular sex videos in 2019.

3. Two UNILAG Students Caught Having Sex in Bare Concrete Floor 

At number three is the sex video involving tow students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) which surfaced online in November. This video which was leaked online showed the two students having sex in the bare concrete floor. This video emerged less than 24 hours after students of Babcock University were seen engaging in sexual intercourse in another leaked video. It was reported that both persons in the video are students of UNILAG.

The lovers, who were seen in a video laid on the concrete floor as they dwelled in extremely romantic mood. They never knew that some residents of an adjacent building were recording them as they engaged in the act. As they realised they were being recorded the lovers immediately picked themselves off the ground at walked away.
As seen in the viral video, the young lady who was engrossed in the moment seemed not to be happy that the action was interrupted by the onlookers. She gave the suggestive middle finger as she walked away pantless behind her alleged boyfriend.
This video ranks as number three on our list of the most viral sex videos in 2019.

2. Nnamdi Kanu ‘sex video’

At number two is the sex video involving leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, and his wife, Uchechi Okwu-Kanu.The video which surfaced online in April, 2019 showed after-sex moments between the two partners. In the viral video, the pair were seen half-naked in bed and the Biafran leader can be heard bragging about his sexual prowess.

However, after the video was released, IPOB deputy leader then, Uche Mefor, was reported to have insisted that the video was an old one which appeared first online between 2013 and 2014. He alleged that it was just a propaganda by the Federal Government to run the IPOB leader do.

According to Mefor, “The video making rounds about the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not new, it has been in circulation since 2013/2014 and as such nothing to be surprised about. Be advised accordingly, though, that this is a video of husband and wife (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and our own Mrs Uchechi Okwu-kanu),” He said.
Despite the explanations, the video buzzed the social media for quiet a while as it was viewed and shared repeatey until it went viral.


1. Babcock University Students Sex Video

At number one is the sex tape involving two Babcock University Students which took the entire nation by storm after it was released in November, 2019. It was gathered that the girl who was a 300 level student of the University had visited the boy in May, 2019, at a rehab center where they both engaged in the act and recorded it using a phone belonging to the boy’s friend. The friend eventually released the video and has been regretting it since then.
Babcock University, a well-known private university in Nigeria, quickly released a statement through its Director of Communication and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman, confirming that the young man and lady having sex in the video were indeed its students.

The school, however, said the boy in the video was expelled from the school before the incident. His admission, according to the statement, was terminated in February 2019 for being involved in “certain grievous misconducts..for which the university had zero-tolerance.”

The statement further read, “His girlfriend in the same video, until the video broke out, was third-year student of accounting of this university. After due process, she was expelled from the university for violation of our rules and regulations.
Babcock University maintained that the act did not take place on its premises, but at Saint Bridget’s Hospital, Ogun state, when the girl visited the boy who was undergoing rehabilitation.

“The place where the immoral act took place, according to her written statement, was at St Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta, Ogun State, where the boy has been undergoing rehabilitation for different destructive addictions.

According to the girl, the incident took place in April this year during school vacation when she visited the boy at the hospital. The act did not take place at Babcock University.” the statement read.

NB: You can browse any of these headlines to online watch these videos. Some of them may have been taken down from most YouTube channels but they might still be on twitter, Facebook, and some other social media platforms.

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