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Top 10 Nigerian Bloggers In Anambra State (COOU)

Blogging has become a major pillar in Nigeria’s media landscape. So many people in the country today are bloggers but what most of them do is to re-post what has been published on other blogs, a complete exhibition of inexperience and lack of depth in the business of blogging. The blogosphere looks fiercely competitive and saturated but creative and committed loggers still excel. Here is a list of top 10 Nigerian bloggers that graduated from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), formerly Anambra State University. These bloggers are thrilling the society through their blogs, impacting various sectors of the society. You will be impressed to know that these bloggers graduated from COOU. They are a source of inspiration to the younger ones still in school.

10. Eric Ezeadichie –

Eric Ezeadichie is of the Anatomy department, Chukwuemeka OdumegwuOjukwu University (COOU). Eric is the founder of This blog is a top news and entertainment blog with gradually expanding audience base. Always looking calm and cool, Eric is full of creativity and his passion for blogging reflects on the interesting contents of his blog which draw a gradually increasing audience base. Eric always bears his audience in mind while preparing contents for his blog. is a blog you should checkout any time any day.

9. Christopher Ezemoyih –

Christopher Ezemoyih graduated from COOU in 2014. He is the founder of Current News Reporters, a political news blog that provides up-to-the minute breaking news on a wide range of political issues. Christopher started blogging in 2017, passing through the teething challenges that made many bloggers to run away from the blogosphere. With his never-say-die attitude, he survived the frightening terrain and is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in blogging.  Current News Reporters is a major news source when it comes to disseminating information on N-Power programme, with thousands of Netizens always hooking on to this blog for breaking news on N-Power.

Christopher’s impressive flare for writing and extreme passion for journalism naturally moved him into blogging. “I have a natural likeness for journalistic activities. It’s something I feel good doing. This was there long before I gained admission to study journalism in the University. So what my training did was to equip me with professional skills. Blogging enables me practice journalism at my convenience from anywhere and at anytime without pressure from bosses and deadlines. Moreover it is something I do while engaging other business activities. It gives me control over time,” he told Massmediang in an interview.

Christopher loves blogging and people who love politics and breaking news love

8. Ernest Chika –

Ernest is of the department of Computer Science, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU). He launched in 2017, when other young bloggers were actually abandoning blogging because of the difficult terrain. Ernest who sees opportunities where others see discouragement focused on his blog, making sure he was putting the right content that will attract traffic to the site. Within a few months, became a household name among students in Anambra state from where it began to extend to Netizens in other states.

When you go to you will definitely wonder how Ernest has managed to attain such level of success in blogging within a short while. The answer is simple: focus, creativity and commitment. He understands the blogging environment and knows how to get heavy traffic without making much fuss about stories.

Ernest is a professional blogger who knows what he wants from blogging. has very rich and diversely exciting content for users of all categories who love to navigate from one story spot to another. It won’t be long before becomes traffic destination among netizens in and around Nigeria. Ernest is the most sought-after young social media entrepreneur in Anambra state. He is one of the top bloggers around.


Two bloggers tied at number 7, Destiny Obiakoeze and Ike Nwakerendu.

7. Destiny Obiakoeze –

Destiny Obiakoeze graduated from Anambra State University (now Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU) in 2005. She is the founder of She always had an innate passion for news gathering and dissemination, so she launched a blog to express that passion. is a specialized platform that focuses on technology, business, news and analysis with a presentation approach that engages the audience and keeps traffic flowing to the blog. Young and successful entrepreneurs love this blog basically due to amazing articles on the business and technology world always posted on this platform. One unique feature about this blog is that it has articles from experts and professionals in the business and technology world who share their practical, real-life experiences with the audience. These articles are very informative and help young entrepreneurs to excel in their businesses. Destiny is doing very well through her blog, Just check it out to confirm this great feat.

7. Ike Nwakerendu –

Ike Nwakerendu graduated from the department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2005. He was the best graduating student of the pioneer set and the very first student to have First Class Degree in this University. He bagged his Masters Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos and is currently concluding his Ph.D in Mass Communication at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Ike, fondly known by friends as Nwandu, launched a family relationship blog in 2013 where he takes time to discus specific issues that could save and strengthen marriages and relationships. Ike, a high-profile executive in the corporate world, decided to take up blogging on part time basis. is an exceptionally unique blog with contents that are ever fresh and always useful to those in relationships. If you want to have a successful relationship, or you want to go into a relationship, before you check in, check out for information that could save your relationship. This is one blog anyone into a serious relationship should follow.

6. Chioma Unini –

Chioma Unini graduated from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University in 2010. She is one pretty lawyer that could be described as a special breed who does not stop until she conquers a new territory. She is enthusiastic, professional, with a fantastic flare for blogging which has seen her climb to the topmost position in the food chain of law blogging in Nigeria. After she was called to bar in 2012, Chioma worked in various capacities for some time until she discovered a gap that needed to be filled in Nigeria’s legal environment. “I noticed that if young lawyers wanted information on any law issue, they don’t easily find materials online. You won’t find anything to write on except you look for textbooks. So I saw the need for an online platform that will empower lawyers with information that will facilitate the smooth practice of their profession. I decided to start this blog,” she told Massmediang in an interview. This was how The Nigeria Lawyer came up first as an idea before becoming a reality. Today, is among the top leading Law blogs in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Lawyer features a wide range of interesting contents from straight news reports on legal and related issues, to professional articles and features on evolving developments in law practice. The blog is the hub of lawyers and others who are in search of information on trends in the legal environment. Chioma is among the most sought-after law bloggers in the Nigeria.

5. Cynthia Ukamu –

Cynthia graduated from the Department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2014 after which she observed the media landscape before deciding to go into blogging. Unlike others who just jump into blogging because they have a smartphone, Cynthia took her time to study the blogosphere She paid close attention to the blogging community and discovered areas that had been saturated with a lot of market leaders before deciding in 2017, to focus on a unique area. She launched, a blog that primarily dwells on analysis of emerging trends on Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife, three stations that so many people across the World almost ‘worship’ as a religion. What a smart move that was. She then kick-started the blog official early 2018 and within a short while she broke through. provides up-to-date analysis of very interesting programmes on Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife, with other entertainment and inspirational stories occasionally posted. The blog also has a book section where readers are kept in touch with latest inspirational and interesting books in the market. The depth and up-to-date analysis of Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife channels endeared the blog to South African audiences, leading to impressive ranking of by reputable website ranking platforms as among the top blogs in India and South Africa. She is also impressively ranked in Malawi, Zambia and Mauritius due to the existence of numerous Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife viewers in those nations most whom rely on her blog for up-to-date analysis on interesting programmes.

Cynthia’s blog is highly ranked in Nigeria but what impresses the most is how within a short while, her blog has received impressive ranking in South Africa, India and Malawi. The answer is uniqueness and commitment. This is what Cynthia told Massmediang in an interview; “I looked at most blogs and saw that breaking news was a trending area most people were going into. I considered that area initially especially focusing on entertainment news but I realized that there were market leaders there already that maybe difficult to compete with. I then decided to go into something unique. That’s when Telemundo, Zee World and Starlife came to my mind.” Cynthia is an amazing blogger that is also a source of inspiration her numerous fans in Nigeria.


4. Kanyinulia Okeke –

Kanyinulia Okeke graduated from the department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2010. She is the most experienced blogger on this list, having blogged for about 10 years. Kanyinulia began blogging while in her final year in school but she was not serious with it at that time. It was shortly after she graduated that she went full blast into blogging. “I started in my final year when we were on strike but I wasn’t serious with it initially. It was when I wrote a story about naked Kate Middleton and it made google front page and brought me about 1.6 million pageviews in one day, that I started thinking about being serious with blogging. When I got my google cheque that month it was amazing. I sat myself down and said Kanyi if you take this seriously you will earn more. So, I had to get myself organized and take it like a business,” she told Massmediang in an interview. is a news and entertainment blog with very interesting contents. It is among the most impressively ranked blogs on this list. Today, Kanyinulia has grown to become one of Nigeria’s hottest female bloggers with a rising profile. Kanyinulia was once invited by the United Nations on a press tour, based on her impressive activities as a blogger. She is one of the top bloggers in Nigeria making impact in the society with her blog. She has encountered the high and mighty in the society in the course of investigating and reporting stories that resonate meaningfully on the society. Her exquisite, gorgeous and grandly classy personality reflects on her rising profile as one of Nigeria’s hottest female bloggers.

3. Bridget Edokwe –

Bridget Edokwe has an unbelievable passion for ‘rugged’ but modest journalism which is what has made her a household name in Nigeria’s legal environment as the founder of Just ask around, Nigerian lawyers in any part of the world will confirm to you that is the number one law blog in Nigeria. After graduating from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2010, and was called to Bar in 2012, Bridget took some time to nurture her talent in news gathering and dissemination. This calm, humble lawyer didn’t just jump into blogging. She spent some time to get ready before launching in 2016. This is a high-profile Law and Politics news platform which has become the leading Law news blog in Nigeria. The blog provides interesting contents for everyone with interest in Law, Law enforcement and Politics. Most lawyers in Nigeria are hooked up to for minute-by-minute info on emerging trends in law profession, legal issues and related developments.

Bridget has worked so hard to keep this blog at the top echelon of Law news reporting in Nigeria. “It took sleepless nights, hard work and commitment to get started and stabilize. You need to look for that thing that gives you joy. Keep doing it, one day it will surely pay off,” she told Massmediang.

Bridget is one of the very few that inspire a lot of young ladies out there to believe that they can make it to the top through hard work and perseverance.

2. Chizoba Ikenwa –

Chizoba Ikenwa graduated from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2012. While observing his National Youth Service Programme (NYSC), Chizoba decided to focus on developing his blog,, which he hatched while in school. He worked briefly for Daily Sun newspaper but resigned to concentrate on his blog. Today, he owns one of the highly ranked blogs in Nigeria with staggering returns in hard currency on a monthly basis. He is among the most successful bloggers to come from Anambra State. Chizoba’s blog is the highest ranked blog on this list. is one of the top blogs that provide information on places, things, people and events in the country.  When you search most stories on you’ll find them on the first page of Google. This shows the heavy online presence of this blog. Chizoba is one smart blogger that believes in original contents and that is why his blog is among the top blogs in this Nigeria.

Chizoba also organizes online and offline training for interested clients on blogging, blog and website design, and most importantly, the secrets of getting your blog monetized. This guy is truly an inspiration to students and fresh graduates of his alma mater who now believe you can succeed in a rapidly changing online business community instead of looking for white collar job.

1. Alex Nwankwo –

Alex Nwankwo graduated from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in 2006. He was once the Students Union Secretary General while in school. After school, Alex made up his mind to express his natural passion for news hunting, packaging and dissemination. He established two successful blogs – and In terms of ranking, these two blogs are not the highest on this list. But blogging is beyond ranking; and that is where Alex is showing monumental class, pedigree, and unbelievable mastery of the chemistry of the blogosphere. His success level led him to expand further by adding another blog – – to his stable. In fact, Alex is a walking blog, that is, a human blog, with his entire body wired-up with a network of blogs that feed and receive from him.

Alex has made unbelievable impact in the society through his blogs. He has met with political gladiators, and several high-profile personalities, cutting across several sectors of the society, in the line of duty. Alex is among the most decorated social media entrepreneurs in Nigeria. He has won 36 awards, 19 of which were in recognition of his outstanding performance as a blogger. A leading media organization in Nigeria described Alex as Abuja’s most decorated social media entrepreneur. Today, Alex is a successful blogger, publicist, media influencer, image manager, and reputable pageant personality. He is really one blogger that understands that blogging is beyond Google ranking. As a successful media influencer, Alex has hundreds of blogs and mainstream media houses that partner with him. Alex is one of the top most influential bloggers in Nigeria.

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