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Top 10 Most Popular Radio Sports Programmes in Rivers State

Rivers State is the hub of sporting activities in South South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. This is the home top football teams such as Rivers United and Rivers Angels which are among the leading teams in the male and female football leagues in the country. Rivers is also known for always emerging among the tops in the National Sports Festival with several medals to show for their participation. This vibrant sports outlook in the state is reflected in the numerous mass media that are either based in the state or have branches there. Several radio stations have sports programmes that engage listeners with informative and entertaining up-to-date sports stories. Among the most popular of the radio sports programmes which residents Rivers State are exposed to are as follows;


(1) Name of Station: Love FM

Frequency: 97.7

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Rise: 7:15am – 7:30am (Monday – Friday, Saturday 6:45am – 7am)

*Rush Hour Sports: 5:30 – 6pm (Monday – Friday)

*Sports Waka: 12:55pm – 1pm (Monday – Friday)

*Weekend Sports Express: 12:30pm – 3pm (Saturday)

Presenter: Deima Abaku


(2) Name of Station:Today FM

Frequency: 95.1

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Attack: 7:30am – 8am (Monday – Friday)

*Today Sports Live: 3pm – 4pm (Monday to Friday)

*Weekend Sports Show: 1pm – 6pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Presenter: Emeka Dennar


(3) Name of Station: Radio Rivers

Frequency: 99.1

Name of Sports Show:

* Sports segment in the news: 6am, 12noon & 6pm (Everyday)

* Mid-day Sports: 12:30pm – 1pm (Everyday)

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Presenter: Baridon Sikka


(4) Name of Station: Nigeria Info FM

Frequency: 92.3

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Rise: 7am – 7:25am (Monday – Friday)

*Extra time: 7pm – 9pm (Monday – Friday)

*Football Frenzy: 2pm – 6pm (Saturday)

*Talking Sports: 2pm – 3pm (Sunday)

*Football Frenzy: 3pm – 4pm (Sunday)

Presenter: The Sports Gang


(5) Name of Station: Cool FM

Frequency: 95.9

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Arena: 7:30am – 7:45am (Monday – Friday)

*Football Fan Time: 6:30pm – 7pm (Monday – Thursday) (Friday 6:15pm – 7pm)

Presenter: The Sports Gang


(6) Name of Station: Wazobia FM

Frequency: 94.1

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Mata: 7am – 7:15am (Monday – Friday)

*Football Republic: 7:30pm – 8pm (Monday – Friday)

*Football Republic: 2pm – 6pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Presenter: Femi Balogun


(7) Name of Station: Rhythm FM

Frequency: 93.7

Name of Sports Shows:

*Rhythm Sports: 7:30am – 7:55am (Monday – Saturday)

Presenter: Ben Wakama


(8) Name of Station: Wave FM

Frequency: 91.7

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Line: 8:05am – 8:20am (Monday – Friday)

*Sports Lounge: 3:05pm – 4pm (Monday – Friday)

*Wave FM Sports: 12:15pm – 4pm (Saturday)

Presenter: Dele Ogunleye


(9) Name of Station: Wish FM

Frequency: 99.5

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports talk: 7am – 7:30am (Monday – Friday)

*Business side of sports: 7am – 9am (Saturday)

*Beyond the game show: 4pm – 5pm (Monday – Sunday)

Presenter: Temple Ekpor


(10) Name of Station: Ray Power FM

Frequency: 106.5

Name of Sports Shows:

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*AM Sports: 7:30am – 7:40am (Monday – Friday)

*PM Sports: 2:15pm – 3pm (Monday – Friday)

Pigin Sports: 7pm – 7:30pm (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Presenter: Peter Abaje


(11) Name of Station: Classic FM

Frequency: 91.1

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Extra: 7:30am  & 4:30pm (Monday – Friday)

*Sports Extra: 6:30pm (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Presenter: Sammy Wejinya


(12) Name of Station: Beat FM

Frequency: 99.9

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Extra: 7am & 6:15pm (Monday – Friday)

Presenter: Sammy Wejinya


(13) Name of Station: Naija FM

Frequency: 92.7

Name of Sports Shows:

*Sports Mata: 8am -& 7pm (Monday – Friday)

*Premier League Show: 12noon – 10pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Presenter: Sammy Wejinya

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