Top 10 Most Popular Programmes on Channels Television

Channels TV was established as an independent and multiple award-winning 24-hour news and media television channel based in Lagos. The station was founded in 1995 as a private television station. John Momoh, a Nigerian broadcast journalist, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Channels TV. He co-founded the station with Sola Momoh who is also a broadcaster.

Channels Television is a household name in Nigeria and some other parts of the world. This feat was achieved as a result of hard work and doggedness by staff of the establishment, especially through very popular programmes that engage television audience with exciting contents. To win a hat trick of awards as the best in a competitive field such as Nigeria’s broadcasting industry is no mean feat but to win that award 13 times is phenomenal. Channels TV is definitely in cal of its own. The station has bagged the ‘Best Television station of the Year’ an award endowed by the Nigerian Media Merit Award Trust, 13 times (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2019). Channels Television was also “the Station of the decade” 2000-2010. It is also unarguably the station of the decade 2011-2020 with its series of records and achievements. This television station is a special brand in Nigeria’s media landscape with unique qualities other stations emulate.

Channels TV offers diverse contents that appeal to different segments of the audience. It has some of the most sought-after programmes anchored by very popular On-Air Personalities (OAPs). Among the programmes which constitute the foundation of Channels TV’s unique brand and increasing audience base are as follows;

Sunrise Daily

This is one of the most sought-after morning programmes on television in Nigeria. It airs on Channels TV from 7am-9am. Sunrise Daily is a daily live show which features personalities from all works of live to who respond to hard-hitting questions with a view to enlightening the public and interpreting events in the society. It is flagship news and current affairs programme anchored by some of the most amazing broadcasters in Nigeria – Chamberlain Usoh, Maupe Ogun, Nneotaobase Egbe. This programme asks the crucial questions and gets behind the stories that make the news-from political leaders, corporate decision-makers to everyday individuals of note. This is one of the programmes responsible for Channels TV’s image as a reputable global brand with increasing audience base.


Another major ‘crowd puller’ on Channels TV is Sunrise. This is a Saturday morning magazine programme which has been running on this station for over two decades. It adopts an engaging approach to probe even deeper to reveal the truth, always keeping guests on the edge as they respond to questions that are aimed at enlightening the public. This programme which airs 9am every Saturday is anchored by Nneota Egbe, one of the most captivating OAPs in Nigeria.

Business Morning

This is one programme that business-minded individuals and establishments find very useful. It is one of the shows Channels Television uses to captivate the business community in Nigeria every weekday by 10am. Business Morning is a daily program that keeps the audience up to date on minute-by-minute trends in the world of business. Tracking and analyzing forex trading, capital markets and the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the hour-long show features some of the best and brightest minds in the world of business who provide in-depth analysis on trends that help viewers make sense of the complex business environment.

Politics Today

One of the most popular political programmes on television in Nigeria is Politics Today. Every edition is always interesting, engaging, sometimes with a bit tensions among guest. The programme anchor, Seun Okinbaloye, is an award-winning experienced broadcaster with unique investigative interviewing skills that make this programme always very exciting to watch. Politics Today is a weekly show that x-rays recent significant developments and activities in the world of politics in and around Nigeria. The programme captures political perspectives of national issues always featuring guests that the audiences are eager to hear their opinions on topical issues in the society. This is also one of the programmes that made Channels TV a unique brand in Nigeria and beyond.

Sport This Morning

People want lighter mood programmes to ease off the tension that comes with early morning periods at work. One programme that provides such relaxation from the sports news perspective is Sport This Morning. Only the smiles beamed by the co-anchor of this programme, Austin Oko-Akpan, is enough to lighten up any viewers day. This programme which airs from 9am-10am focuses on sports related stories in Nigeria and around the world. Its extensive analysis of sports and sporting events is a feature enjoyed by viewers. There is also another sports programme, Sports Tonight, which airs from 9pm-10pm, keeping audience engaged after the day’s work.


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There are shows that viewers take every measure to ensure they don’t miss. One of such programmes is Faceoff on Channels TV. This is particularly because of its engaging, sometimes fiery nature, especially when guests at opposite sides of the coin begin to disagree with one another. Faceoff is a discussion and interactive live show that airs at 8pm every Wednesday. It seeks to explore the two sides of every issue in the society as they affect both the leaders and the led. It sometimes gets fiery. The viewers are also able to participate via Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and direct mail. There’s never a dull moment on any of the editions of this programme.

Diplomatic Channel

This is a foreign affairs programme where in-depth analysis of major issues around the world are dissected and interpreted by informed guests. It also gives an African perspective to these issues, and informs the world of the continent’s interest in global issues. Diplomatic Channel which airs on Mondays at 8.30pm, is one of the programmes on Channels TV that brings both local and international community together watching one show with a global perspective.

Channels News at 10

This is probably one of the most viewed television news programmes in Nigeria. The level of professionalism exhibited by Channels TV reporters in news gathering and dissemination makes the content of News At 10 very rich and interesting to watch. This is also another popular programme that is responsible for the high audience base enjoyed by Channels TV and the stations popularity across Nigeria and beyond.

Art House

This is one of the most popular programmes on Channels TV outside the regular news and current affairs shows. Art House is a lifestyle programme popular among viewers especially because it celebrates creativity, art and culture of Nigeria. This is a programme you get to enjoy with a relaxed mind, showcasing the level of creativity among Nigerians that will definitely stun you. It focuses or diverse creative outputs in drama, stage performance, fine and applied arts, music, among others.

The Chat

There’s no way The Chat will not make top 10 most popular shows on Channels TV, no matter who is preparing the list. This is one programme that searches out the best of veterans in various walks of life in Nigeria to tell stories that exude infectious nostalgia, about their life and how they got to the top. The anchor of this programme, Mani Onumonu, himself a veteran journalist, does a good job in getting in touch with household names in Nigeria’s entertainment and other sectors that were at their peak decades ago, to feature on the programme. Audience members of various categories love this programme.







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