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Top 10 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

California gartersnake

You might not like snakes but is it possible for you to change your perception of these reptiles if you see beautiful ones? I don’t think you should be quick to respond to this if you’ve not seen the gartersnake species, arguably described as the most beautiful in the world.
While snakes are mostly regarded as pests, they are also an essential aspect of the ecosystem. Some people even admire the beauty of these reptiles to the extent that they prefer to keep them as pets.

There are more than 3,000 known species of snakes in the world. They practically live almost everywhere, in deserts, forests, oceans, and lakes. On every continent, there is at least one type of snake. Except in the north of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica where the ground stays frozen all year making it impossible for them to survive in such places.

Most people see snakes as hostile enemies but that’s not their natural feature. Snakes are naturally shy, non-confrontational creatures who would always rather choose escape if they get that option. However, like any wild animals, they will only attack if they are startled or threatened. Left undisturbed, they will rarely attack humans – in fact, humans attack more snakes than the other way around. This is a fact.

When talking about snake ‘pageantry’ you then begin to appreciate one strange feature of these reptiles – their ‘beauty’. Snakes come in a variety of beautiful colors and shades. This makes them one of the unusual yet favorite subjects of photographers who risk their lives just to capture the beauty of these creatures in its natural habitat. Probably, when you go through these photos and watch the video, you might change your perception of these reptiles and even consider having one as a pet. Ops! That might be extreme. Some of the most beautiful are actually among the most venomous. But some snakes truly look beautiful. Checkout these ones out.

Coral snake, rated by die people as the most beautiful in the world


California red-sided gartersnake
San Francisco gartersnake
Coast gartersnake

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