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Top 10 in-house music censorship strategies used by radio stations

Radio stations adopt certain in-house strategies in censoring musical works which have offensive contents while a song is being played or before the song goes on air. A basic strategy of censorship or musical content regulation adopted by radio stations is radio edit. Radio edit refers to in-house modification of a song by radio stations to make the song suitable for airplay. The modified version is called radio edit. Among the in-house strategies used by radio stations to in censoring musical works are as follows;


Silencing the volume of a song where an offensive word or phrase is mentioned


Using a “beep” sound to replace an offensive part of a song


Using a portion of a song that sounds similar to an offensive part to replace the offensive word or phrase


Using a more appropriate word or phrase in place of the offensive one


Reversing the audio or vocal track of an offensive word or the offensive portion of a song


The word that preceded the offensive word could be repeated to prevent the audience from hearing the offensive word


This has to with deleting the offensive word from the song without leaving a tune gap for the listeners to notice a time delay

Disc scratching

The offensive word or phrase is scratched, made to sound like another word or made faster or slower


Using a robotic voice effect to make an offensive word difficult to understand


Distorting the sound of an offensive word by bringing down the pitch

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