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Top 10 Igbo Language Films You Should Watch


Written by Mmesoma Okoye

The Nollywood industry is becoming more vibrant by the day, especially now that it is the third biggest movie industry in the world (behind Hollywood and Bollywood). However, Yoruba and Hausa language movies have made land mark achievements among viewers, leaving Igbo language films behind. But very interesting Igbo language films are coming out and gradually taking over a good share of Nollywood audience. Here’s a list of top 10 Ignoring language movies you should watch.

1) *Oyom*

This is an interesting igbo drama that will bring you pleasure, make you laugh and keep you delighted. Fate suddenly smiles at Uremma, a local girl with low intellect when an unexpected marriage proposal comes from a young man based in Ghana. It was released in the year 2017.

2) *Ofu Anyam*

The movie is centered on a man who is driven into the hands of another
woman by the continuous nagging of his
childless wife. This singular act almost
turned a peaceful home into a war
zone. The movie was released in the year 2017.

3) *Onye Ozioma* –

This is a story about a preacher who went to a town to spread the word of God. He had to fight the forces and the chief priest in the town. It was released in the year 2017. The plot is very exciting and captivating.

4) *Emeka Oke Ego* –

Every girl wanted Emeka for herself. Tthey would do anything to get him to love them. Some visited prophets and some herbalists. Which one of them eventually won Emeka’s heart and how? The suspense and comic slant in the movie makes it a must watch.

5) *Ego Ji Olu*

This movie presents a love story that illustrates that love is delicate and a heavy burden. It keeps the views wondering what happened in these next scene with intrigues and exciting plot.

6) *Ije My Love*

The movie is all about a traditional doctor who is rich but very stingy even to his kids. On the other
hand is Ije nwada who is a tomato and fish seller but has a big dream. What do you think will happen when a stingy man and someone who has a big dream fall in love? An interesting Igbo language drama to watch.

7) *Ada Eze*

This movie is all about a princess whom the law of the land forbids to
choose a husband of her choice but rather her
father is supposed to make the choice for her.
She swore that over her dead body will she accept her father’s choice. What happened eventually is really thrilling.

8) *Obi Akpo*

This is an Igbo language movie about a lady who was accused of committing so many crimes even though she denied all of them. Watch to find out how she
defended herself and what she was accused of.

9) *Ezekwesili*

This movie is about a young man that was helping his village people. He
did everything for them even giving the
youth scholarship. Watch to find out what happened to him due to his generosity.

10) *Ukwu Diana*

Ukwu Diana is a movie about a man who married a woman greater than he is. Laugh as you watch Egbe and his family in one of the most comic Ignoring language movies in recent times.

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  1. Igbos and their epic movies… We’re trying shaa

  2. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Wow! Igbo films are good sha, but I’m not really a fan of it. Just tune African magic Yoruba and see me doing nothing throughout that day. Lolz!
    My love for Yoruba movies eeh! *winks*

  3. Asusu Igbo ga-adigide ogaghi anwu …iseeeeeee

  4. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    Yeah, the igbos are really gaining group this days when it comes to movie, they should keep it on.

  5. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Kudos to the Igbos.

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