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Top 10 Fastest Ways Travel Out of Nigeria, Be Careful With Number 2

With the condition of the Nigerian economy, many people are struggling to leave Nigeria in search of greener pastures.

Traveling is a good thing and also a form of Education. It expands your knowledge and gives you new ideas. Some people travel out of Nigeria to Study, for vacations, to visit, to have fun, to hustle abroad and just experience life outside the Country.

To travel abroad you must have a Visa and to acquire this visa, you need to have a good purpose for traveling. People complain about how difficult and rigorous the process  of getting a Visa is. Coupled with the frustration of Visa refusals and application in the Nigerian Embassy, and the cost of traveling abroad, it becomes difficult to leave Nigeria.

Here are Top 10 fastest ways to leave Nigeria:

1) By attending a Conference

when you attend a conference, you get educated, meet new people, form new relationships and access new ideas. There are thousands of conference that take place yearly in different countries like Canada, London, USA.  A lot of people have travelled out through conferences and it is one of the Fastest ways to travel out of Nigeria. But be Smart and register for conferences that is in line with your career,  job, lifestyle, hobbies to avoid any problem with the visa officer.  You can not be a Plumber and want to travel for a conference of Travel experts Trade fair.

2) By getting married to someone abroad

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to travel abroad because it is easier and faster to get your visa. There are sites you can connect with single Nigerian guys and girls over there like

Do not get married and break someone’s heart just because you want to travel out, but this is one of the fastest ways to travel out of Nigeria.

3) Study abroad

Studying abroad is another fast way to leave Nigeria. If your GPA is up to 2.1, you can get admitted into schools in Countries like Canada, U.K, USA for a masters program. As long as you can prove that your sponsor is financially strong, your visa will be issued.

4) Visit a friend or Family member

This is one of the fastest ways to obtain a visa to travel abroad but it is also expensive. If you are not financially strong or if you are unemployed, it will be difficult to travel with a visitor’s Visa unless you are being sponsored and can convince them that your sponsor will provide the funds for your trip.

5) Apply for a permanent Residence Document on your own

In this case,  you don’t really need  a sponsor to immigrate to a country. Once you have a good job and a degree, you can apply on your own.  This process can take up to 18months so plan ahead.

6) Look for work Overseas

This is another way to leave the country and also you don’t have to be rich to travel out with this process. You can consider getting a job overseas. Outside Nigeria,  there are great jobs for experts in hotel workers, bartending, waitress/waiter, farm worker, Tour guide and many more. You don’t always have to travel at someone’s expense, you can get a good job that will take you out of Nigeria.

7) Teaching English Language

This is another fastest way to leave Nigeria. This is because there is rising demand in teaching overseas. If you are confident in your English Skills, you can use it to earn money by travelling abroad to teach English in countries like China, India, Thailand, Columbia etc.  The wonderful thing about this method is that your flight will be paid for  you.

8) Scholarships and Internships

This is one of the fastest ways to leave Nigeria. As a student, you could consider programs like internship and apply for scholarships that can enable you to travel with no money. There are useful information on traveling for free in the book “Students help guide travelling without having to spend money”. You can google the book and you will be able to know where to apply for a specific internship, volunteer and scholarships program.

9) House sitting

This is a fast and easy way to leave Nigeria. House sitting is a great way to stay at a pleasant location and also for free.  You can travel about and be able to stay in people’s houses in return for taking care of their houses and Pets. You can apply online from here in Nigeria and google some tips on the way to land a house sitting job online.

10) By Representing Nigeria officially

You can travel out of Nigeria by becoming a Government delegate, and the Country will pay to have you visiting other countries. This is a fast process as your visa will be issued fast but you have to be a Government delegate.

By Teniola Egbuwalo

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