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Eating is a necessity for man. We have to eat so that we can be healthy and also to be able to go about our daily activities. There are varieties of food that our mothers here in Nigeria can prepare well but there are times that you just want to have something different or you want to eat out with friends and families.

Bachelors who cannot prepare their own food and likes to eat out would visit fast food restaurants to eat. As a result of the numbers of persons who eat out everyday including those who order food to their doorstep, there are a lot of fast food restaurants that sell food to satisfy this need. Some of these fast food restaurants in Nigeria are small, while there are many others that are big; they serve delicious meals and have fine dining options for all tastes and budget.

Because many people do not have the luxury to relax at home and eat home-made foods prepared by their wives, mothers and even themselves at all times due to one reason or the other, they turn to these fast food restaurants to eat. A lot of Restaurants are coming up everyday and are competing with one another with their various meals and unique approach to customers.

However, there are still those unique ones that stand out. Here are top 10 biggest fast-food Restaurants in Nigeria in no particular order;

1) Terra Kulture Food Lounge

Every lover of Arts and Culture would absolutely love this Fast Food Restaurant. Terra Kulture is an arts and culture center in Lagos with an attached Restaurant. It is situated in plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Lagos. The Restaurant offers delicious meals and extensive menu and wine list. Every corner of this restaurant screams art and culture, beautiful arts décor complements this restaurant. One can eat in that restaurant and still feel like you are in some kind of Art gallery due to the beautiful Art decors used in the Restaurant.

2) Metisse Lounge and Restaurant

If you are looking for something unique and different from the usual, then the Metisse Lounge and Restaurant is for you. Metisse is an Asian gourmet restaurant that has a great décor and serves healthy dishes. It is located at 267A Etim Inyang Cresent, Aim Plaza in Victoria Island, Lagos state Nigeria. Metisse Lounge and Restaurant serves a blend of Nigerian and Asian Cuisine. The lounge serves freshly made drinks with cool music as well as delicious meals. They provide wonderful services, and friendly staffs attend to the customers as well as a lively Atmosphere.

3) BluCabana Restaurant and Café

The BluCabana Restaurant is located at Shehu Yaradua way, opp Setraco Building, Mabushi Abuja. Their menu contains different types of mouth watering dishes that can be enjoyed at a casual launch, business meetings, dinner etc. It offers Burgers, inter-continental, Mediterranean, pizza, sandwiches cuisines and features Brunch, food trucks. It has an outdoor setting, POS, and it is great for kids as families can come to the Restaurant with their kids and keep them entertained in the children’s playground. The BluCabana Restaurant has a nice and lively atmosphere.

4) Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket Seafood Restaurant located at Victoria Island Lagos offers amazing and exotic seafood at affordable prizes. It offers takeaway and delivery services as well. In Ocean Basket Restaurant, one can dine inside and outside with a lot of people at the same time. Ocean Basket has over 190 restaurants spread across Nigeria, Dubai, South Africa, Mauritius, Namibia and Cyprus. It is South Africa’s favorite chain of seafood restaurants and with amazing services and friendly people.

5) Jevinik Restaurant

Jevinik Restaurant is a restaurant chain in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Aba and Owerri, any foreigner that wants to taste Nigerian delicacies, then Jevinik Restaurant is the place for you. The restaurant offers delicacies like melon soup, catfish, pounded yam and many others. They over wonderful services and continental dishes. The Jevinik Restaurant is a place where you can taste almost all Nigerian specials with high quality with a conducive and inviting environment.

6) Kilimanjaro Restaurant

Kilimanjaro is a fast food Restaurant chain in Nigeria. Its headquarters is in Lagos and is one of the fastest growing in Nigeria. It has over 20 outlets across Nigeria, including Abuja, Port Harcourt and other parts of the country. Kilimanjaro Restaurant offers a great variety of mouth watering dishes both continental and intercontinental dishes as well as snacks. It is  a restaurant that is worth visiting.

7) Mr. Biggs

The Mr. Biggs runs a franchise and is located in every city in Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria’s fast foods restaurants owned by Nigerian united African Company of Nigeria Plc, there are currently around 170 locations in Nigeria and the restaurant is known for its red and yellow color scheme and meat pies. It is one of the first Nigerian companies to sell franchises to investors.

8) Genesis Restaurant

The Genesis Restaurant is located in Port Harcourt and Enugu. Their services are superb with world-class chefs, a wide variety of meals and snacks both continental and local dishes at affordable prices. The genesis restaurant has 23 restaurants and counting. They offer foods fro all corners of the continent including Chinese, India, Lebanese Cuisine and others. You can order for food from any of their nearest restaurant to you, right from your mobile phone. The genesis restaurant offer efficient delivery system and ensures minimal wait time. In Genesis Restaurant one can enjoy sweet tasting meals.


9) Bubbles Plaza

This is a fast food restaurant that is located at 106 Ogui Road Enugu. It is mainly into Bakery, fast food joints. Their services are superb and it is a place to dine when you find your self in Enugu.

10) Koko Dome

Koko Dome Restaurant is located at Liebu Bypass, Oyo State, Nigeria. Kokodame runs an amazing nightclub, a standard swimming pool and they serve one of the best Barbecued Chicken in the state. Its restaurant offers a wide range of Lebanese dishes on the menu. It also includes pool for families and recreation seekers. Their menus include special Nigerian dishes and also continental dishes and also continental dishes, isi ewu and pepper soup is also available. Do not miss the Koko Dome restaurant if you find yourself in Ibadan.


Written by Teniola Egbuwalo

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