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Top 10 Best Fashion Magazines In Nigeria

Fashion is one specialized area in journalism that is very competitive. Despite this, the fashion industry is so vast that magazines focusing on this area always attract audience interests especially if the contents are fascinating. In Nigeria, the fashion magazine industry is fiercely competitive with online and off-line publications coming up by the day. If you’re looking for the best platform to get latest information on evolving fashion industry in Nigeria and beyond, you can check out the magazines on this list we’ve put together. Here’s a list of top 10 fashion magazines in Nigeria. This list is in no particular order.


#1 Complete Fashion

Complete Fashion Magazine offers interesting information on the latest fashion styles and trends. The magazine is noted for using popular Nigerian celebrities on their front cover wearing these stylish outfits. Complete Fashion also features interviews with veteran and upcoming models as well as other professionals in the fashion industry. This is a feature that keeps it ahead of the rest. The magazine further provides product reviews on skin care and make up products as well as other cosmetics. You should check it out.


#2 Fashion Online

Next on this list is Fashion Online. The magazine is aimed at promoting the very best of fashion and delivering useful content on the go. Its contents include the latest fashion news in the society and interviews with successful professionals in the fashion industry who often share their inspirational stories. Fashion Online also contains information on different aspects of fashion which include trends, styles, celebrity life, fashion models and many more. Additionally, they offer services such as digital marketing, content development, brand development, editorial placement, PR consultation, KPI training, press events and many more. This magazine has the advantage of capturing numerous fashion lovers in the online community.

#3 Pulse.NG

Pulse.NG is a household name among both fashion addicts and non-addicts. This is probably because Pulse.NG is a popular news website, which means that the fashion news content will also enjoy the wide audience base of the publication. However, their primary focus is on fashion, celebrity and lifestyle news. And if you want to always be up-to-date with the latest news in these sections then you should bookmark Pulse.NG.

The platform also provides information on useful fashion tips and fashion trends. Fashion designers will surely find this website very useful because of the latest fashion styles and trends they publish.

#4 We Love Style

We Love Style is the fashion blog of Jumia. If you want interesting highlights on trends and latest events in the fashion industry in Nigeria, this is definitely a nice spot to chill out. Also, you’ll find a lot of art and creativity related content from fashion bloggers around the world.

Also, We Love Style features the latest attires, shoes and fashion styles. So if you’re looking for anything about fashion, then you don’t have to look further than WLS.

This platform also features useful information on hair and skin care tips with product recommendations can be easily sourced from the Jumia fashion store. Check it out to see what they offer.

#5 Genevieve Nigeria

Genevieve Nigeria is a house hold name in Nigeria among fashion addicts and non-addicts.  It features exciting information on the latest fashion events or interesting celebrity news. The magazine is popular for featuring high-profile Nigerian celebrities on the cover of monthly issues. Among those that have been featured on the cover are Agbani Darego, Tiwa Savage, Kate Henshaw, Yvonne Nelson, Rita Dominic and many more. You can easily subscribe digitally for this magazine by visiting their website and making your request.


#6 Thisday Style

This is another household name in the fashion industry in Nigeria. Thisday Style is among the market leaders in the industry. It is acclaimed in some quarters as the number 1 fashion magazine in Nigeria. The magazine has an app which you can download on Google Playstore and you can easily keep up with the best and latest fashion news using this app. Thisday Style also features health and beauty section as well as a life and love section. This is definitely among the leading fashion magazines in Nigeria and it has thousands of followers on the different social media platforms

#7 Mode Men Magazine

Mode Men Magazine  uniquely focuses on men and this distinguishes it in the industry. In addition to fashion style and events, the online platform of this magazine includes sections on business, sports, tech, health as well as entertainment. This increases the audience base of the magazine. It also features reviews on men’s fragrance and other fashion tips for men. You shouldn’t miss this magazine if you are a man who loves fashion and dressing well.

#8 Zen Magazine Africa

Zen Magazine is another prominent magazine with great repute even beyond the shores of Nigeria. The magazine features a culture and travel section that contributes in keeping the audience fascinated. Zen Magazine often features interviews with models and fashion icons in the industry. Fashion tips and advice provided by celebrities and fashion experts are always useful to readers.

#9 OnoBello is a revolutionary magazine that isn’t limited to just fashion trends and news but other aspects like entertainment. This is one fashion platform that stuns readers with a variety of creative fashion gists. One of the highlights of the magazine is the Ono’s diary, where Ono Bello features her stylish outfits which are usually designed by top class fashion brands in the country. Interestingly, is gradually becoming a unique fashion news brand in the industry. Many fashion brands now use it as a platform to bridge the gap between their organizations and customers. The uniqueness of OnoBello puts it on this top 10 list.

#10 Today’s Woman (TW)

Today’s Woman is a household name in the fashion industry in Nigeria. The magazine was founded in 2007 by Adesuwa Onyenokwe, a veteran journalist with over 25 years experience in the industry. Apart from its fashion and style section, TW includes a health, fitness, beauty, career and food sections. This magazine is very flashy and has interesting contents that readers love. Its variety of contents keeps readers abreast of the latest events in the different industries which they cover. TW is also noted for featuring high-profile celebrities on the cover. It is a magazine you should check out.

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