Top 10 Best Article Rewriter Tools For Content Developers

If you are a blogger, academic researcher or involved in any form of writing, one thing you wouldn’t like is the embarrassment of finding out that your work is filled with plagiarized content. To make things easy for you there is a tool that ensures the safety of your content by changing what would have been identified as plagiarism in your write-up. That’s an article re-writer tool. If you have a good work you can relax after publishing your contents.

What is Article Re-writer Tool?

Article re-writer tools are software or online applications that automatically rewrite or paraphrase parts of your work to make it original without losing its meaning. These tools rewrite your contents into multiple different versions by provided alternative words, sentences or phrases different from the identified plagiarized ones. This is also referred to as article spinning.

To make use of these tools all you have to do is copy your content and paste it in the article spinner content (input) box. The inputted content is regarded as the original content while the output is called spun or paraphrased content. This content spinning process is fully automated. The outcome is a rewritten version of your work that is safe from plagiarism.

Is Use of Article Re-writer Tool Ethical?

Article spinning or article rewriting is very legal. It is also ethical. There’s nothing morally wrong with this tool for a professional content creator to use. When article spinner tools first came into the digital marketing industry some years back, they were highly frowned upon and also considered as a black hat SEO tactic. Years after, this tool has gained some positive feedbacks and users. One good thing is that users of rewriting tools have started using it for the right purposes rather than exploiting it for the wrong means.  So, as long as you don’t blindly copy the original content for your own project (blog, report, assignments, etc.), there is no legal challenge you will face.

Article spinners can be used by anyone that has anything to do with content or written articles.

For example, SEO experts use article re-writer to create multiple versions of their own content (if required). This ensures that their websites don’t have any duplicate content.

Also, students make good use of these article spinning tools as they are able to paraphrase their assignments or projects with ease. For anyone involved with written content (or even verbal), article spinners are available for them to reap maximum benefits.

How to Use An Article Rewriting Tool For Content Spinning

Using article spinners is pretty easy. You can follow these key steps to spin the content using article re-writer software;

1. If you want to use online article spinners like Spin Rewriter, Cleverspinner, WordAi, etc. you’ would be required to first create an account. For the article re-writers like The Best Spinner 4, Spinner Chief 6, Chimp Rewriter, etc. you would have to first download and install the software.

2. After logging into the downloadable software, you then copy the original content/article you want to rewrite and paste it in the re-writer module of the given software. Importing a .ZIP file of content is also permissible. If it happens that you don’t have the content handy, you can always import fresh content from the library of seed articles available in the software (Spin Re-writer). This will also work.

3. When are through with copy-pasting or importing the content, what you do next is to do is set the spinning rules like protecting certain keywords, percentage of synonym usage (determines overall uniqueness), spintax format, etc. This ensures that what comes out is a plagiarism-free version of the content you want to rewrite.

4. Finally, if you are satisfied with the settings, you can start the spinning process with a single click. Since all the article spinner software are advanced, you’d have to wait only for a couple of minutes to get the spun content. Once the spinning process is concluded you then copy-paste the content to anywhere you like or export/download the spun content as .DOC file.These four basic steps make it easy for you rewrite an article.

Most Popular Article Re-writer Tools

There are several article re-writer tools available for content creators. But here are the most common one which you should make use of whenever you want to spin an article.

1. Spin Rewriter – Top Article Rewriter

2. The Best Spinner 4 – Best Article Spinner Software

3. CleverSpinner – Cheapest Article Rewriter

4. Spinner Chief 6 – Best Article Spinner

5. Chimp Rewriter – Best Article Rewriter Tool

6. WordAi – Article Rewriter Software

7. QuillBot – Freemium Article Rewriting Tool

8. Content Professor – Easiest Article Spinner

9. Spinbot – Best Free Article Spinner

10. PrePost SEO – Free Online Article Spinner

11. Small SEO Tools



You can try out any of these rewriter tools to see how they work. Then settle for one. It is important to understand how the particular one you wish to keep using works so you don’t make the mistake of using the wrong one that will give you unreliable results. As a content creator you can make your work easier by using article spinners or rewriter tools.

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