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Top 10 Benefits Of Industrial Training To Mass Communication Students In Nigeria

Written By Ekpereamaka Chukwuanu 

Industrial Training (IT) is a basic requirement for students in most Mass Communication departments In Nigerian higher institutions. This is a period when the students are expected to embark on internship programme in media houses to learn skills in the field to augment the theory they were taught in the classroom. Some do this programme for a short period of between four to eight weeks while some others do it on a long term basis of between six to 12 months.

Some students actually avoid this programme and come up wih doctored IT reports they submit at school at the end of the programme. Probably such students do not know what they could get from being committed and dedicated while on an internship programme. Here are top 10 benefits of IT programme to students of Mass Communication in Nigeria.


1) Wider range of knowledge : As a communicator, Industrial Training opens you to a wider range of knowledge. It gives you a vast knowledge of the course you are reading and gets you exposed as well.

2) Preparations for the future : Industrial Training prepares you for the future. It makes a student to know what it feels like to be a worker in terms of trying to work under pressure to achieve required goals.

3) Meeting People: Through industrial training, you can get acquainted with some personalities. You will have regular opportunities to meet and converse with some experts in broadcasting, print journalism, public relations, among others.

4) Carrier Options : Industrial training helps you to decide which career option to major in when you graduate from school. It exposes you to skills that will help determine your area of strength in the profession. The skills you will learn in any concentration during industrial training can be cross – applied in fields such as editing, news reading etc, you will excel in writing and communication skills which are frequently cited by employers as critical skills for any job applicants.

5) Professional Confidence : I.T gives the students confidence after interacting with professionals and experts in the field, then they will be bold enough to go extra miles in their career having conquered fears.

6) Comparing realities with theory: This means that through industrial training, students get to compare what they’ve been taught in the classroom with the the practical part of it, thereby getting to understand his course better.

7) Inter-school Meeting Ground : Industrial Training serves as a platform for you to meet students from different schools and share your experiences with them as well as make new friends/create contacts who could be of great help to you in future.

8) Expression of Creativity: By creating/having your own programmes/show in your organisation or having an opinion column , you can let those creative juices flow.

9) Meeting deadlines and managing risks with stress: Journalism is such a risky job and reporters often travel to the location where an event occurred to conduct interviews and investigate the stories before reporting . Therefore as a practicing journalists (during IT) , you will be able to learn how to manage stressful condition and the risk involved in order to meet deadlines and be the first to report the story.

10) Ability to get interesting stories : Through industrial training, you will learn how to research stories, write, edit them perfectly and accurately report them.


You can see that IT is a very good programme at at improving the student’s skills while still in school. There is no need to avoid it. Get dedicated to your work during IT and you will excel in any aspect of Mass Communication you major in when you graduate from school.

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  1. Irechukwu Ifeoma

    Nice write up I concor with you, but some students don’t know that it prepared them for the future.

  2. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    I actually agree with because I know what I have achieved within the space of this two months, it gives you an opportunity to personalize all the grammars you have been taught in school.They should please carry on with the IT,because it’s really helping.

  3. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Yes every mass comm students need industrial training for enhancement of knowledge and better skill acquisition.

  4. Wow… Nice write Up,All Mass Communication Students all over the world needs to see this

  5. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Exactly… If not for this I.T, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge to source for news, transcribe it and equally helo in printing it. It really taught me a lot which I’m ever grateful…

  6. This is a very good write up…… kudos!!!

  7. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    yes ooo IT is very good in the life of every Masscom student.

  8. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Wow! This I.T has really helped a lot… I in particular, can now boast of many things I didn’t know of before the I.T kicked off…
    Thanks to COOU who made it possible.

  9. Its a good thing as we learn but those personnels,at times, can be rude and annoying

  10. Industrial training (I.T) has has helped to improve skills in the field to augment the theory they were taught in the classroom.

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