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Too Far! UNN Final Year Students Plant ‘Juju’ In Front of Departmental Complex After Mass Failure

The Fetish materials in front of the departmental office complex

In what looked like a pay-back for ‘no-nonsense’ lecturer, final year students of Human Nutrition and Dietetics department of University of Nigeria (UNN), have allegedly dumped what is described as ‘diabolical’ materials in front of their departmental complex with a note directing the fetish materials to go to work against their lecturers.

The students were said to have rebelled against their lecturers for daring to fail a good number of them, leaving about 50 of the 2016/2017 graduating students behind while passing just 30 in a class of 80 students.
Some angry students prepared what appears to be juju (a calabash containing ‘charms’, feathers and broken eggs), dumped them on a red cloth in front of their departmental office, and leaving a note that said “since una no wan make we go…una go DIE here with us.”

Speaking on the matter,  a student of the institution simply identified as Onyeka, who happened to be one of the witnesses who gathered at the sight of the ‘juju’ said ” I think the students went too far this time but sometimes this is what suits some of these stubborn and wicked lecturers we have these days.”

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  1. UNN students can do the unimaginable
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  2. This student has gone too far.
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  3. sometimes you don’t blame them,is act of announce .they think is the best option by the time they killed one or two of the lecture other wicked once will learn from that.quiz 72

  4. It is really ridiculous for a student to perform such a fetish act.

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  5. this is really crazy and naughty
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