Friday , November 24 2023

Too Bad! Mother of two contracts assassins to kill her husband

A mother of two children has contracted assassins  to kill her husband and father of her children for obstructing from having extramarital affairs with her lover.

Trouble started when the husband whose name could not be ascertained arrived home to see another man and his wife on their matrimonial bed.

Miffed by the attitude of the duo, the husband bounced on the intruder, leading to a fisticuff between both men.

It was gathered that neighbours prevailed on the man to let go his rival unknowing that the wife has a plan to terminate him to have her way.

According to a post by a Facebook user, Tobore Anne Emorhokpor, on a fateful day, the man was returning home when some fierce looking weighty men took on him, leaving him half dead.

The attack left the man with broken Spinal Cord, four years after the victim needs N1.5 million to stand on his feet again.

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About four years ago Mr Frank Osakwuni was living peacefully with his wife and children, one fateful day he came home unexpectedly and caught his wife on their matrimonial bed making out with another man, fight ensued between him and the man, neighbors rushed in and intervened, so he let the man go.

The next day thinking all is over he went for work, on his way back he was attacked by some unknown hefty looking men and beaten to a pulp, due to the severity of the the blows he received from these men they broke his spinal cord, thinking he was dead he heard the men say these words “your blood no dey our head na your wife send us”.

He was afterwards abandoned to die. His family did their best with medical bills but right now he has since been left in the care of his poor mother. The wife is now married to another man taking their two children with her.

The hospital has given him hope of restoring him however he said it will cost them 1.5 million naira for surgery and treatment. At this moment he is already showing signs of bedsores on his buttocks and that is another serious issue that shouldn’t allow to get worse so time is of the essence.

Please whatever we can do to help him regain his life will be appreciated, nothing is too small, little drops makes an ocean, 500,1000,5000,10000…. anything at all

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