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Too Bad! Love-struck British man becomes an accidental star in the Dominican Republic after flying out to meet his online girlfriend only to be rejected because ‘he’s too POOR’

A Welshman who flew to the Dominican Republic to live with his internet girlfriend is now stranded in the country after she rejected him because he ‘doesn’t have any money’.

Struggling mum-of-four Wilfa Soto Peguero claimed she agreed to get to know balding Brit Glyn Thomas Bailey in person after he offered to help her raise her children.

But she claimed when she went to pick up at the Caribbean airport, he had no return ticket and no money.

He became a celebrity on the island when she made a video and posted it to social media, begging someone to take Mr Bailey off her hands because she couldn’t afford to feed him.

 His whereabouts today was unclear but he is expected to be flown back to Britain in the coming days with the help of locally-based British diplomats.

Ms Peguero said she agreed to meet Mr Bailey, who is from Rhymney in south east Wales, after chatting for six-months on the internet using Google Translate.

In their chats she said he admitted he wasn’t wealthy but promised to help her raise her children, including two young daughters still living with her.

She said: ‘I asked him to send me money so I could go and fetch him from the airport and he never sent me anything.

‘But as he was coming to meet me I couldn’t just abandon him like he was a nobody so I decided to borrow money to go to the airport.

‘Later when I checked his ticket I realised he’d come with the intention of staying here and I can’t look after him.

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‘I have explained it to him a thousand ways. If I had my own house I’d let him stay but I don’t.’

In a warning to other women, she added: ‘I’m making this video for many young people, for many women, so that they learn from what happened to me and don’t try to find love online.

‘That was a mistake I made and won’t make again.

‘Don’t believe in anyone. Some men are good but many are bad and want to be maintained.

‘I’ve got to look after him because he hasn’t got any money.

‘I’ve got my heart and I’m not going to refuse him food when he’s not giving me any money but I can’t look after him.’

She added: ‘I wasn’t looking for a man for money. We simply got to know each chatting over the Internet.

‘I prefer to be poor and happy, not rich and unhappy and I want Glyn back in Britain so people stop talking about me and criticising me.

‘I’ve been left with a debt of £240 I borrowed to go and pick him up at Punta Cana International Airport which I haven’t asked him for because I’m going to pay it back myself however I have to.’

She also claimed she had already been visited by British diplomats, who were last night said to be assisting Glyn.

Wilfa’s neighbour Kevin Osiris Mendez, among well-wishers said to have helped feed and lodge Glyn over the past few weeks in their neighbourhood where he became a local talking point, told the TV station: ‘We’ve all been worried. I’m a friend of Wilfa’s and a friend of the family and this has been a headache for us.

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‘I helped her as much as I could with temporary accommodation for this man.’

Another local, who asked not to be named, said: ‘He seemed like a nice bloke but it’s not the time at the moment to be looking after dependents. Glyn’s an adult man and the only adults you should be taking care of are your parents.’

A woman neighbour who got to know him said: ‘He left the area on Thursday. He didn’t offer any resistance but he didn’t want to go.’

Dominican Republic daily Diario Libre said the British Embassy in the capital Santo Domingo had agreed to assist Mr Bailey after a hospital check-up.

A spokesperson for The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: ‘Our staff in the Dominican Republic are offering assistance to a British man and are in contact with the local authorities.’


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